Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Alia speaks again

I know I should be blogging about my HK trip (eh, perlu ke?) but I figured that can wait since officially a blogger has up to 4 months window time of having to update on her recent trip!!!


Ok ok I just made that up. Totally random, but incredibly believable!

But right now I want to talk about how our gomen system sucks balls.

Lately, my conversation with mak only revolves around marriage, visa, potential children and um, yeah, marriage. Which is understandable since I'm gonna get married anyways (omg, this just hit me, I AM GETTING MARRIED!!!)

Since mak's friends are from different cultures and different races and been there and done that kinda deal, and I'm just this unfriendly creature that has less friends than her, she got like a gazillions of information about our inter-marriage.

So recently, she had a lunch date with a bunch of her ex school mates and one of them got married while they were studying and got a kid there and the kid now is no longer a kid cause she's already like 29 years old or something.

Since she was born there and her father is an Irish, she automatically became an Irish but since he's Irish so he's always drunk and abusive by nature, the mother had a divorce and flew back here to Malaysia with the kid.

omg where the hell am I going with all this extra long intro??!

Anyways, the kid got her Malaysian citizenship at the age of 16 and a couple of months ago, she was getting ready for marriage (with a true Malaysian). So since our regulations here requires the father's presence or the father's oral/written permission, her case was halted.

I mean she got a valid reason what, her father abandoned his family when she was 3 years old. Why need him sumore???

So she explained her situation to the gomen office how she has not seen her father nor know where her father is yadda yadda yadda, I mean if you've lost contact with your father for yonkers of years, why in the world you need him JUST to approve your marriage right???

And you know what the office replied??

"Then go get married in Thailand lah"



Is THAT a gomen officer's solution to all kind of civilians problems? Go run away and take your problems with you??

Then what happens if they get married in Thailand and come back??

Then the gomen officer will be all anal:



That's just illegal in so many ways.

I mean you work as a gomen officer representing the gomen thus representing a country, please lah be more courteous and caring towards the nation!! We came to you for your professional advise and you told us to run away??

Now WHO'S running away?? It seems like YOU are running away from YOUR RESPONSIBILITIES! 

Sure sometimes some cases might not be as simple as ABC, that's where you step in and re-route us!


Anyhow, I don't judge all gomen officers are super anal, cause her case was highlighted to the top ranked people and and was approved without the consent of her (non existent) father.

So credits to the gomen as well.

But, what would happen if her family (particularly mother) didn't know any top-notch officers??? What do you think would happen???


  1. alia gojes..

    kengkadang kan, kerani bawahan ni belagaknya mengalahkan pegawai atasan yg teratas dari atas.. so kesimpulannya setiap kali aku berurusan dgn org gomen ni aku amik nama dia sape.. haha..

    **neway, gomen mmg camtu.. suma nak link2 bagai and all the stupid-mupid cabel... no wonder aku jobless... hahaha

    **neway nice blog.. aku baru tau setelah kawan aku rekomen.. buta IT lah katakan..

  2. saya gomen officer (smbil angkat tangan tp muke tunduk yer..)

    erm, its true ada yg mcm tuh. esp service dept(bkn smua). kdg2 public deal dgn kump. sokongan....bkn dgn kump. profesnal. usually, dgn kump.sokongan ni laa yg org komplen. saya keje gomen pn kekdg nk komplen.

    long story short, officer tu mmg x ptt lnsg jwb mcm tuh...gilo apo!? cube kalo ank die cenggitu...nk hambat ke golok kah?

  3. we adopt a non malay baby a year ago. and u dont want to know how rude, inconsiderate, unprofessional, and tedious the rules and government officers are. Especially yg muslim, gosh! they are horrendous ok!

  4. bangang je staff tu..
    pastu bila org komplen gomen staff tak kualiti baru nk bising2, walhal mmg byk je yg wujud..

    **ashamed to be 1 of 'gomen' staff too hoh

  5. bila kita buka mulut org kata kita jahat, nk jatuhkan org sendiri. tp mmg most gomen offcrs perangai mcm !@#%$^&*!! . once I went to pejabat pendaftaran to make a new Mycard. Ade sorg je minah dlm office, the rest belum balik from lunch . (Its already 3 PM atm okay)This woman tgh layan telenovela kt tv, so die selamba je cakap " datang esok la, system down. lagipun takde orang nie.." I was like... wtheck?


  6. wut to do, they work only to dpt gaji every month n goyang kaki, then dpt gaji again, n goyang kaki again...


  7. alia..u getting married??!! tak sabarnya nak tunggu macam mana the whole process...!!

  8. cis, kenapa lah kau perempuan. kalao kau lelaki boleh jugak aku join bachelor party kau. bwahahahaha.

    *nari gendut-gendut*

  9. tak silap aku,dalam kes member kau nih...bapak dia x layak jadi wali sebab ikut Mazhab Syafi’e dan Hambali, wali fasik tidak boleh atau tidak sah menjadi wali nikah.

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  10. pembetulan: JAKIM or JAWI

  11. wahh alia, ur gettin married..thats wonderful!!

    might not know u personally but 'blogfally', been reading urs for years:)


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