Thursday, September 23, 2010

Alia needs..

Ekceli, I wanted to update about something else, but bila dah depan laptop terus lupa. Haha so Imma blog about a completely different subject!

...which is not much of an update anyways.

Heeeeee XD

Anyhoooooooo, one of my High School mates are getting married tomorrow, Weee!! Soka soka soka! I dunno why I get so excited when someone's tying a knot...wait nvm, I have an obvious reason WHY I should be happy..haha...

I just can't wait til it's MY time pulakkk!

Heeeeee XD

So the bridezilla (matiler aku panggil kau bridezilla Wani hahaha) requested us to wear turquoise/dusty pink sempena wedding theme dia, tapi aku nak pakai kaler lain boleh so I can stand out a bit LOLOLOLOL

Ok sila lempang.


It's her day so I should tone down a bit la kan (wah, macam lah aku ni diva fofulaaar).

Anyway, I know most of you peeps read her blog (read: Wani Ardy) and I know some of you are going too tomorrow, so if you are, don't forget to holla at meeeeee, cause I'm like so nice and all you know.


I had a (super) short conversation with one of my good friends, lol ada bau bau kipas bontot tak ayat ni, and yayyyyy, she's picking me up tomorrowwww for the weddingggg, cause I've got no transportation and all you know.

Haha, gedik tak aku ni, padahal rumah pengantin tu tak sampai 5 minit pon dari rumah aku, still nak berteman...hahahahahaah

Oh and speaking about teman, I've got no date for tomorrow :(:( Don isn't here :(

I mean semua orang datang with their partners, I feel so.....left out. :(

Anyone has a spare boyfriend for me to borrow??? I can assure you, it's purely for menunjuk-nunjuk (at the wedding), no other intentions.

LOL, tiba tiba aku rasa nak lempang diri sendiri.


  1. need help on the lempang thing??LOL

    btw, when your time comes (the wedding lol), make sure it's gerand, super duper n kebabom ek..i wanna come!hihihi

  2. Hahaha ngek! Takpe, al. Aku maybe gi sorang je gak kot. No partner. So kau jadi partner lesbo aku jap!



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