Friday, September 24, 2010

A post that has no point

The title explains all.

I brought a digi cam to the office today because um, well no reason haha.

While waiting for the clock to strike 5, aku pon mula lah membazir masa. Hahaha...bukannya tak der kerja, cuma it has been a very slow day (err, week) for me.

Plus, aku baru makan, so extra lazy lah right now.

So here ya go: Random pictures of my workstation.

Like seriously random random =/

My awesomenista whiteboard!

Really, I have the most awesomeness whiteboard in my department. True story.

I collect whiteboard magnets yes. If possible, aku nak letak all of the countries that I've visited, tapi apakan daya, the company only gave us a super small whiteboard (another way of saying I've traveled alot hahahahahah)


Oh crap, I just noticed, yang aku duduk berbulan bulan kat US tu, satu magnet pon aku tak beli.
Oh maybe I oredy consider US is my home, no need souvenirs.


A place where I spend a minimum of 9 hours a day.

That's why I'm trying to make my workdesk as pretty/comfy as I can!!

As they all say, "An ugly desk affects your performance!!"

Oklah, I made that up just now, no matter lah.

A different picture, but same view.

Toys to play when I get bored at the office!!

Oklah, I don't usually play with them, but my office mates do!!

I LOVE that Hawaiian God of Money in the center, looks so exotic.

Was just playing with my camera functions, and this picture turns out great isn't it!!

I love the focus point oso!

Tho this is a very newbie photography technique, but I am soooo proud of it!! Don't care what you all say!

Oh, I cilok'ed the Hawaiian God and the tiny elephants from my dad's office. Hahahahahahah.

I oso wanted to cilok this one Egyptian's god statue (the one with the cat's head or whatever) from his office, but then the statue looks so fricking scary, plus, I dunno why it's ALWAYS cold (made from tree bark) and it's pitch black color...Makes me think the statue is possessed or something!!

Yes, I have a green pot on my desk.

Mak told me, the secret to success is to have one living plant on your desk.

I dunno the reason why exactly, but my scientific mind tells me that because it emits oxygen for your brain...haha...and plus, green color helps you relax.

Correct or notttttt??

My Minnie mouse mug that I bought in Hong Kong!!

It's major cuteness!!

Sometimes it makes me think that I'm drinking from Minnie's ass........


Anyway, that's the end of this post!

See, told you this entry is pointless!!

So now, how about you upload pictures of your current workstation and show us!

Before I end this, I'm gonna share a joke that I've once heard....

A bus station is where a bus stops. A train station is where a train stops. On my desk, I have a work station ....


  1. wahhhhhhh gila la
    mesti kamera mahal ni
    jeles ahhh! hehe

    psssst! org nmpk kucing kaler kuning.
    betul kan kucing? hehe

  2. Eh, tak la, camera biasa jeee! Cuma main main dgn functions dia and focal point dia jeee! Nampak mcm camera ribu raban ke??? ahaahaha

    A ah, it's a cat, my ex-boss gave me. Mana ntah dia beli, Uganda kot. seriously. =/

  3. haha stop working then! hahaha
    a good one babe.

    work station is where my work? stop! esp on a friday haha

  4. cantik, ni duduk lebih 9 jam pun boleh kot. ;P

  5. check out this blog and i believe u can find 'sumthing'

    wish u all da best sis!

  6. kat sekolah dulu ada papan kenyataan kat belakang kelas untuk campakkan semua kreativiti kat situ. and now while working, we have this innovation called workstation!! nice one you hv over there! xD

  7. alia,

    aku xleh masukkan kau dlm blog list la. dia kata xleh detect feed. whyyyy?

    btw. comel work station anda.

  8. awesome blog!

    and the workstation too!


  9. haha, terjumpe link blog nih, tgk ade watak katun kat tepi tu, tibe2 tingat katun 'a cloudy chance with a meatball', penah tgk tak? watak katun laki tu cm katun yg u lukis hahaha, tp hebat la lukis pakai mspaint, hail to alia!!


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