Friday, February 22, 2013


This is the most craziest thing I've done so a flight ticket for a weekend gateaway WITHOUT planning it first!

Hahah...yea well I'm very attentive (read: worrywort) when it comes to ...well, everything lol.

I always, ALWAYS plan my trip properly from booking a flight, accommodations, and travel itineraries!

I HAVE to know which hotel to book, what's around the hotel, what kind of city-transportation do we need to get...etc etc, THEN I'll book the flight ticket. Flight ticket is always the last thing I'll get cause..I dunno. It's just me.

But not today! It's the other way around it seems! Buy tiket dulu! Nasib baik my friend can get a discount on accommodation cause apparently dia dapat staffs discounts or something..ntah. Aku pon tak tau.

Ok bai. Nak apply cuti pulak! Hahahha...
Eh, trip Penang pon aku tak apply cuti lagi...dem.

PS: Oh lupa nak mention, I've only met my travel partner yesterday and he needed to do his visa run (cause Americans boleh masuk Malaysia only for a maximum or 3 months). Haaaaa..jeng jeng Jeng! 


  1. Selonottnyaa ko jalan2..have a nice holiday alia

  2. Alia... Angkor Wat is stunningly magnificent. And Apsara dance n dinner for a freaking $10. Mkn sampai lobam. Mani pedi $3. Foot massage for $2. Homaigod.. Enjoy ur trip okay...

  3. kain... kain.. kain...


    ko pi ngan dak dondon eh..



  4. Ha, haah... Bkn americans je... Tak silap mana2 foreigner pun, maximum 3 bulan je. Except dorg buat visa utk study ke, keje ke... Visa pelawat 3 bulan je kalo tak silap

  5. Aku dah book hotel dah :) Kalau kau nak ajak sape2 sila kan - boleh book lagi bilik. RM330 for 3 nights. 'Kthxbai :)

  6. Nans,

    Total for hotel (3 nights) is RM330 la yek? Japs, aku whatsapp kau!


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