Monday, July 5, 2010

I am moving!

I just needed a take a break from my comics. They're getting bland and boring and it hurts whenever I try to force funny outta myself.

I've lost my sense of humor :(

HENCE! (wah, bersemangat secara tiba tiba), this post is gonna be a normal wordy entry. :D

So anyways, last weekend, I went to see the construction progress of our new house, which is literally like 5 minutes away from my current home.

Which basically sucks because I'm still gonna have to take the same route to work (where's the thrill there!??!) and still gonna have to rempuh traffic jam yg macam celaka tu.

The only difference is that, of course the house itself, my neighbors and the surroundings! THERES JUST GONNA BE A LOT OF TREES GREENS AND UHH...sungai.


Ya, sungai, which I personally think it looks like a longkang la kan.

Ok lah, I have a lot of work to do, so aku tepek gambar je lah.

LOL, baru tapak je dah kecoh kan. Haha. Take note on the bungalow on the hill tu.

That's me mom, eksaited for her new house.

Oh yeah, my parents are tired of living in a terrace house, or any linked houses, and plus, they wanted something yang ada tanah utk berkebun, berlari hindustan, ample tempat letak kereta and a house that they can design (ala-ala The Sims pulok) so we've decided to hire an architect and they only had to tell the architect their vision of their dream house (albeit kecik jee).

The location is @ Puchong LOL. Just outside Subang, mcm waddehel, tak lari mana pon. But my parents LOVE the place, sebab it's a kampung (seriously!) inside a city.

It's the norm to see people riding on mopets without helmets and bonceng anak anak kecik without helmets. Aku pernah kena tegur masa bawak scooter pergi kedai depan rumah sebab tak pakai helmet. Of course lah my arguments "tapi rumah dekat je" tak makan saman lah, pakcik tu lagi marah.


Oh yeah, the house has um, 7 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, 2 living halls, 1 dry kitchen and 1 wet kitchen, a powder room for guests, 1 storeroom, 1 pantry and for second phase (ikut samada duit cukup ke tak haha) a garage and a pool.

Bunyi je gempak besar, but it's not. It's 1 storey house cause my mom tak larat nak naik tangga turun tangga.

The only thing that I'm eksaited about is the humongous lawn (front and behind) and aku boleh golek golek and I don't have to rebut-rebut parking space with my neighbors anymore.

This picture was taken on the bungalow (from the first pic) overlooking our house. Yeah, that's kinda creepy. 

The building on the left of the picture is rumah anak-anak yatim, still in progress.


If you guys nak datang my house, I'm gonna add "LAWATAN AMAL KE RUMAH ANAK YATIM" in the official tentative.

Sedekah la kan.

omaigod, is this Alia??? Tetiba je jadi baik waddehel..haha.

Anywayssss, I was given a task to name our house (to be put in the postal address), mcm The Villa ke, Little Cottage ke, Teratak Kecil ke, Dangau Indah ke, you knowwww those kinda names! Tapi aku mcm buntu, LOL.

Aku nak gugel pon tak reti nak cari apa. Guide me pls!

Thanks guys! You are the best!

I'll post more pictures as it progresses!


  1. besarnya rumah!!!
    seronok la! semua hijau2 je.

  2. umah atas tanah mmg best..waaa 7 bilik tu..besar best

  3. minah..which part of puchong???
    i stay in puchong too.. but bandar bukit puchong 2..nnt we can golek2 together.. hehehe..
    my parents pn soon probably before raya will move out from subang Bandar Puteri Klang.. but tak masuk bandar Klang pn.. it's like sempadan shah alam and Klang.. haha.. but it's not a bungalow la.. still a terrace, but corner lot.. my dad x suka duduk bungalow..he said "sunyi".. did major renovation tht makes a total of 7 rooms, 7 toilets (buat ape la byk2), 3 halls, kitchen yg besar gabak tu.. mak aku nk berhindustan agaknye kt dapur... marilah kita bersama-sama meninggalkan subang jaya.. uhuk..uhuk..sedihnye......

  4. Name it HOUSE. Not funny eh? Ok I leave now.

  5. i dah perah otak ni nak pikirkan nama tapi still tak keluar juga

  6. letak je nama, "Rumah Alia" kuikuikuikui

  7. Villa Donalia...huhuhu....

  8. Please, I like your comics!!!

    Well, anyway, congrats on the new house. :)

  9. AWESOMENYA!!! Alia, update more abt this pelis. I need to know more dan ini adalah sangat membantu sebabnya my parents pun ada cita-cita nak naikkan rumah, tapi ala-ala old skool rumah kampung di JB. Katanya dah menyampah duduk rumah atas langit dan yang concrete. (Macam pahammmmm. AHAHAHA.)

    Temaceh Alia! :) :) :)

    Errrr nama biar gempak dowh. Mcm bila orang tengok wtf gila awesome peh nama. Hehe.

  10. letaklah..."kesukma rindu" ;)

  11. teratak misteri, villa kekwa, bunglow siput, teratak syahdu, rumah senada, susah betul nak namakan sebuah rumah..hahaha

  12. hye, nice blog sis!
    i hav a nice name to ur house. since dah duduk kg ni kan, bg nama eksotik skit. hahahaha

    from me,

    Teratak Qatrunnada

    -> maksudnya teratak tetesan embun..

  13. How bout The Sanctuary? :) osemmm whatt hehehe

  14. wah...dah siap nanti mesti gorjes umah ni.teringin jugak nak design2 umah sendiri suatu hari nanti.kau boleh namakannya david villa

  15. Wow, thanks guys! Boleh la aku guna idea korang, then present kat family, then mesti dirog cakap "WAH ALIA U THOUGHT ALL OF THAT BY YOURSELF??? WAHH!!"


    Ok ok, I shall not take credits from someone else..

  16. err bestnya dapat bagi nama kat rumah kan?? cool giler..!!!


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