COMIC: Don's attempt on speaking Malay fluently

Hamboi hamboi!
This is how abam Don speaks BM though. Sebijik sebijik.

I told him that he's good in Malay (being a foreigner who doesn't live in Malaysia) ..............

.....but I suppose he needs to brush up a little bit more  :p

I lapp uuu nevertheless! I think you're so adorable!

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5 Responses to “COMIC: Don's attempt on speaking Malay fluently”

marcos said...

can we have a video of don speaking malay? i know many would want to hear don berbahasa melayu.

*tetibe je*

Miss FZ said...

hahaha. cute!

oshinz said...

kahkah.. comel okeh. support komen pertama. nak jugak tengok don cakap BM.

Adi Solikin said...

Aaaaa apesal comel sgt korang nihhhhh!!

Anonymous said...

wahhh, dah pandai panggil abam don uolsss.



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