Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Why people like you (and you and you!) deserve a big round of applause!

*wipes tears*

I'm so proud to call you my friends!
Thank you for looking at this issue the CORRECT and NOT in a biased way!

This is how EVERYBODY should think! Then perhaps this country wouldn't be as shitty as it is now!

I love your comments. Makes me feel like I'm not alone in this world. I always felt like I'm surrounded by bigots, hypocrites and ignorant people.

That's why most of the times I'll always try to avoid either political or religious arguments.

Most of the time.

Sometimes I just can't help it anymore. Like for example in this case.

And because I wanted my friends on Facebook to see this, since not all of them read my blog, and at the same time, giving them some awareness on how NOT TO THINK LIKE THIS GUY.

Also it's some sort of a subliminal warning to them as well;




  1. nak komen kat entry sebelum x sempat so aku komen kat sini jela ek. anyway, anak aku pun takut dengar mercun diorg but i'm ok with it. bukan kuat sangat pun. aku lebih marah budak yg main mercun masa hari raya kot. sbb melampau n sangat kuat.

    ni namanya bodoh sombong. nak menampakkan yg die tu bukan saje jual ikan(selfish) but ignorant as well. die jela yg betul. kata malaysia truly asia kan. macam2 bangsa ada. xnak mercun gi dok oversea sana.

    you r brave Alia 4 bringing this topic up. husband i is like don. aku bebel2 kat die pastu senyap jela. x berani nak tulis publicly. so bravo to u!!

  2. Btol2... Time raya lagi kuat kot bunyi mercun..... Sebab kebanyakkan mercun modified sendiri. Tu pasal ramai je putus jari, putus tangan, seb baek tak putus kepala (ke ada?)

    Area umah aku ni, bila masa pun meriah dengan mercun bunga api ni semua... Kdg2 ada sekali tu sampai tetiap weekend pun org bleh bantai main mercun...

    Best apa, free show... Haha... Cantek2 plak tu...

  3. biau ler deme main.mercun... kemon laa..

    terbakar kampung nmpak asapnya;
    terbakar hati siapa tahu?

    eh. hahaha tetibe.

  4. Wau featured pulak dalam blog selebriti Alia. Hahaha.

    Itu semua excuse nak jadi racist! Haha.

    BTW dalam lagu Raya sendiri ada DAM DAM DUM, bunyi mercun. Ironi di situ.

  5. I love fireworks so much that i dragged my bf to come watch it with me on New Years Eve, we even played Sudoku (buku Sudoku ok!) while waiting for it...(i know!thats how bad i like them)

    We're a multinational country (kalau kat sekolah gune masyarakat majmuk), so i totally agree that we do need to learn how to be "tolerance".


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