Monday, May 24, 2010

You think you're the shiznit?

lol, kelakar lah kau ni.

You claimed to be a "grammar nazi" and you constantly brag on how mega awesome your English comprehension is just because you've been enrolled in the School of Law.

Fine, suka hati kau lah nak berlagak ke, nak berjoli sakan over the title "grammar nazi" ke, itu kau punya hal lah.

But don't you think it's a bit hypocritical kalau kau kutuk orang lain because of their limitation to the English language WHEREAS your English pon aku tengok tunggang langgang lagi (in spite of your fabricated claims?)

C'mon lah, pernah ke kau jumpa orang yg pertuturan dia sungguh perfect? Even the language itself pon ada flaws, let alone we as Malaysians yang sah-sahnya English isn't our mother tongue.

Tho aku mengaku yang I'm no English professor and most of the times I have to refer to my tok guru (either google or Don) but just by listening to the way you converse dengan sebelah telinga, I can detect various grammatical mistakes.

And yet, kau ada hati nak kutuk orang lain just because they said "Thats mean" instead of "That means"??? among others.

Eeeehhhh tolong lah.

And oh yeah, you shouldn't be too cocky when someone asks you what's the literal meaning of "existentialism" or how to spell "necessary" because I know you used Google and shamelessly plagiarized the answers. 

And I doubt you even knw what existentialism is in the beginning anyway.

It made me puke in the inside when we first met while I was unpacking and you bragged on how good you are with the language and how proud you are with your comprehension and that's why they offered you the course.


I believe I forgot to mention that I could hardly understand you with your super thick Chinese accent even tho you're only half Chinese that was rich with grammatical errors and I even changed my spoken language to Malay hoping you'd get my drift and speak in Malay so that you could potentially save some of your dignity and of course, so that I could understand you better.

But no, you were too overwhelmed with your gossip session over the girl that couldn't pronounce "determine".


I would like to say that soon you'll live up to your exaggerated claims but I guess you're just too thick headed and too oblivious to your own shortcomings thus, you will NEVER be on par with the girl that couldn't pronounce "determine" but she at least admitted that and learned from her mistake(s).

I spit on you Miss Ignorant.


  1. Alia,

    Agaknyer, apa yang buat die pikir die hebat sangat ek? terror sampai boleh jadik grammar Nazi? hmmmm

    Better merendahkan diri, rite?

  2. Zie,
    Yg kelakarnya, diorg yg berlagak ni mostly NEWLY enrolled Law students.

    Kelakar betul. Kalau nak berlagak tu tengok tengok lah sikit, kalau diri sendiri tu cakap pon gagap gagap lagi, ada hati mau kutuk orang lain. Apakahhh??

  3. aiyooh, even those mat salleh pun ada problem dgn their own language kot..

  4. Lolol so true!! Sometimes grammar diorg pon berterabur!! Ni kan pula kita, kan?

  5. Marah bangat nmpaknye...
    Yup sometimes people can b so annoying!!! Ah.. tetibe plak cam baguih nak cakap omputih!! Kui...

  6. takutnya grammar nazi!

    i is afraid. lolx :p

    p.s: hak ela, persetankan sahaja mereka-mereka itu.

  7. hahaha menjadi nazi kah?
    ha mari kau belajar bahase korea tgk berterabur tak nak mengikut..
    even korean pun agree dorg sendiri tak tere dgn language sendiri..
    ish ish..

    *how r u aliaaaa? :)

  8. adayinmylife,
    Hahaha, masa tu memang agak annoyed ah...mcm apakahhh kau nak bongkak bongkak padahal sendiri pon berterabur lagi?? Gilos emo ok..hahah

    Bunguk ah kau..hahah.

    si G.E.D.I.K.S,
    HAHSHHAA!! Kan! Lagi dia nak mengaku dia terer konon. Poodah! Aku akan mengaku dia terrer cakap English kalau dia boleh mengaku aku terrer cakap Latin!! Hahahasjahs.

    Oh, I'm good thanks. LOL

  9. Hihihi~~~
    Tau xpe...
    Mayb die pikir grammar die de besh lor...


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