Thursday, May 20, 2010

When men gossip....

Pagi-pagi lagi aku dah bergossip.

Tapi kali ni, bukan aku ye yang bukak cerita, kali ni Don and his friends.

I was on Skype and they were talking (I can hear lah) among each other complaining and bitching about one of their wives. Oklah, I gotta admit, she IS a bitch for being a bitch (lol, apakah?) and it was her fault lah for cheating on her husband's back while he was out to war in Iraq (he's in the US army). She got knocked up and is demanding her husband to support the child, which in his defense, it could be his child but it could be her BOYFRIEND's. So berlakulah pertelingkahan di situ.

Ok crap, why am I telling you all these?? Aku tak kisah pon drama spanish diorg, what's more important than their life story is how Don and I got into the conversation of how opposite attracts.

Haha, pagi pagi lagi dah ada topik perbincangan hebat uols.

What he said makes sense (no, I'm not biased lah).

He said a couple needs to have a common interest to they can share all the good things together.....

I asked him, what is the main thing that we share in common?

And he replied:

Our sense of humor. Some people might not get his jokes sometimes (and vice versa), tapi aku paham lawak jenaka dia.

Ok, memang selama ni aku tak pernah terfikir pon. Patut lah bila dia buat lawak depan family aku, tak der sorang pon paham, tapi aku dah ketawa terkekek kekek...aku ingat aku gedik saja nak kasi support, tapi rupa rupanya aku sorang je yang paham isi kandungan lawak jenaka dia.


He also said a couple needs to be different, so they can support each other....

I asked him, what is our obvious opposite trait?

He replied:

I enjoy doing the figure "8" while shopping, browse sana sini sampai 6 jam and always end up with 1 piece of clothing. While he on the other hand, only shops for that specific thing, masuk keluar kedai in less than an hour.

I asked him, how is that good? 

He replied:

Since he tak suka duduk lama lama dalam shopping mall, dia selalu je tersilap pilih size pakaian. He would never try anything in the fitting room, thats why he always ends up picking the wrong sizes. But with me around, doing my famous figure "8" shopping steps, I'd spend hours and hours choosing the right clothes for him with the right measurements.

Same goes to him, shopping in a zoom could save a lot of time when we're only there for a tray of eggs. So instead of having me roaming around, he could just pay for the damn eggs and leave, dragging me along.


Aku macam terkesima sejenak dengar dia kasi example ni.

Wow, I am so in love with him.  <333


  1. deeply in love la uols kan? haha.. perasaan memang sangat bagoooosss kalo partner kite bleh accept kite seadanya. rase mcm nak kawen dengan die skrg jugak. haha.. okeh gedix oh..

  2. yeah good explaination n makes sense.. hehe


  3. that is a reallly sweettt things he said...DUN LET HIM GO!!! hahahaha......


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