Thursday, May 27, 2010

Random facts about me that are just, well so random. NOW WITH PICTURES!

Since I'm bored and I'm not lazy (haha!), Imma tell the whole world things about me that aren't necessary to know but you'll be glad that you're aware of them so you can stay away from me as much as possible.

Wah, panjang tak intro??


I like to kentut a lot. It's like my body is a windmill that produces energy for my daily routines and I know that doesn't make sense but oh well.
Though I enjoy farting on a daily basis, but most of the time I have to kentut diam diam in public hoping no body would realize it; which doesn't really work anyway cause you'd still let out that suffocating smell.


omaigod that is so heavenly.

I love the internetzzz. I cannot live without it. Internet is my air. I eat, I breathe, I sleep, I live for the Internetz.
Wah, so geeky kan?? haha, lantak lahh.

Tapi oleh di sebabkan we are so limited on bandwidth and I suppose everybody in Malaysia love the internetss too, I have to live with connection macam kura-kura.

And I cannot stand that.

Like waddehellllllllllllllllll

Since the internet is super slow, I resorted to talking.
I talk a lot.

A hell lot.

Maybe mula mula I APPEAR that I don't, but trust me, that's just my cunning tactic for the first impression. Biar orang fikir "wah, baik sungguh budak ni, cakap pon sikit sikit, sopan betul".


I talk when I'm panicking, I talk when I'm enjoying myself, I talk when I'm bored, I talk when I'm sleepy.

But I guess it's a perfect combo lah, Don is a reserve person while I'm just out there. Mesti dia bosan sebab tak cakap banyak kan??? (apakah?)

I also have no all.
I feel I can destroy the world with everything in it when I'm mega pissed off.

But I'm not always full of anger..I super love my boyfriend because I think he's the cutest and the awesomesttt and the bestestbestest guy in the universe!

I also like pretty things! Because they make me feel pretty.....
Ok kidding.

Actually I'm an OLD woman with lots of pre-matured gray hair yang perasan cantik....

Curse you gray hair!! Graahh!

According to my siblings, when I truly laugh (wholeheartedly) I let out a sound that sounds similar to a boar's roar....LOLOLOL

Yeah my siblings are such asses.

According to my siblings again, I have an extra fast digestive system. I crap immediately after I eat. I can crap WHILE eating if I try harder..

Hahahah...disgusting I know.

Ok, I is lazy now. Haha...malas nak lukis dah. I'm off to play cards with my siblings.



  1. Kau mmg so tak pendiam langsung.. Hahahaha :P

  2. Derawing tak bleh blah! Haha. Tergelak aku sengsorang sambil tunggu drama nak load. Lalz.

  3. Lukisan kalini nampak macam stickmen terencat dalam lawl.

    Actually that blog is really funny too. :D

  4. If you notice they actually have the similarities of the Doghouse, Noob comic and C&H too! A combnation of all!

    Stickmen rules! (haha tetiba)

  5. hahaha..lawak nak mati tang kentut tu,tp wa serius kene assist untuk kentut...huhuh.kne urut perut bru bole fart...

    ada e glak kong2 kong..ahahhh


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