Thursday, May 13, 2010



I am finally the office!

Ok, I'm not sure whether this is something I should celebrate considering I have A LOT of things to do today, personal as well as professional.

Tapi aku pemalas, so lantakkkkkk lah!


Now I wish I'd rather be back in the training room...sebab masa pergi training tu, all I did was makan, bersembang, makan, browse internet, makan and sometimes paid attention to the trainer. Har har har.

Then balik rumah pukul 3:30pm. 

Crap, memang dasar pelahap dan pemalas.

Anyway, as I was browsing yesterday (omaigod, gila membazir masa), I was reading this article which cracked me up big time. Ok, that's probably I'm a big pervert in denial, but I found this sort of things amuse me, macam mana nak buat!

I oso want to letak some of the pictures yang I think amat bunguk dan kelakar and just omgwtf.


Batman "squirt" gun.


I dunnolah who designed this toy, but omgpls. Obviously it's made in China (what isn't!) but still!!

It looks ridiculously hideous too!!

You push Batman's junk and he shoots! LOLOLL



Sesiapa mahu blow him?
It's okay, just imagine Hugh Jackman lah...




Personally, I think this was never intended to be perverted, it's just if you've got no budget, don't ever ever try to make cheap knockoff toys!

"Hard ons hangers"


It's the same case as Don's t-shirt. Obvious China-made.

He insisted on buying that shirt! He thought it was one of those joke-tshirts, but I told him that the typo WASN'T intentionally, the designers/printers just don't know how to spell (or at least use a fricking spell-checker!).

He bought it nevertheless, sebab dia cakap it's a reminder of being in an "Asian country".
Kurang ajar betul. Hahaha!!


  1. the way you reacted earlier today was funny. you even tried to kick me!! why lah?!! hins. hins.

    is that the way you greet people, the first time you meet them?? demmit!! LULx

  2. LOL yeah! That's Alia! Orang gila yg suka tendang orang lain sesuka hati! Hahaha!

    Aku mcm terkejut sebab bila dgr Nama "alia" tu bunyi mcm soft gilosss aku ingat mcm hantu whispered ok!

    Kau ni pon, tak bleh tegur aku bila org tak ramai ke!! Haha dah lah masa tu aku rasa sesak nafas sebab crowded gila babeng!!

    Now that we've met, jom lunch bersama sama vendor Italian kau yg hensem! LOLS

  3. HAHAHA. what do you expect? we just finished performing Jumaat prayer. mesti lah sesak kat situ. i whispered sebab, "eh macham kenai.." HAHAHA.

    wah engkau, nak lunch dengan orang putih saje!! HAHAHA. aku pon tak pernah lunch dengan depa. inikan pulak nak pegi ngan ko. lolx


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