Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I am going to be an American?

Hahaha, tajuk tak boleh blahhh. Mesti aku kena lempang dengan family kalau diorg baca ni.

But, yeah, if I marry an American, will I be considered as an American on ppls eyes (walaupon I'm a Malaysian on paper)?

Legit question or noooottt???


I'm so tired.

Bayangkan hari hari lepas kerja kerja pergi hospital sampai pukul 11pm. I mean I'm not bitching about going to the hospital lah, but I am bitching sebab kenapa kita start kerja pukul 8:30 pagi!!


Ok memang tak berasas aku nak bitching bitching pasal kerja, nanti tak der kerja nantiiiiiiii....haaa

I've had a bitter experience (albeit little) nak cari kerja. I've always thought I was the bomb, so fricking awesome semua companies berebut nak aku......tapi sebenarnya itu adalah sifat ego dan I was in denial yang sebenarnya aku ni tak beberapa bagus, experience ciput berlagak nak position CEO..hahaa

Anyway, it's hard jugak sebenarnya kerja kat sini...mostly because I'm back on the IT side a.k.a the Dark Side hahahaha.

Honestly, I've never programmed before, tho my current job doesn't really require me to program, but at least I need to know the basics lah...ok, not really, my job doesn't need me to program at all..hahahaaaa aku saja berdrama.

But I need to put my hands in the dirty field lah (metaphorically)..aku kena hands-on jugak, compared to my previous consulting job...tu aku dok suruh orang je...Bwahaha *gelak keji*

I'm still in the learning curve...gila steep, bos aku dah naik kan nama aku sikit sikit...crap. Kenapa orang lain masih dok relax je???

Saya tidak puas hati!

Anywayssss, did I tell you my office is on the same building as my dad's?

Har har har.

Sungguh tak best. Cuma dia ada pangkat lah...aku kan masih kuli batak ternama....so bila his staff jumpa dia dlm lift ke apa, mesti lah diorg tegur kan...then mesti ayah aku introduce me to them "Oh, this is my daughter.." then diorg akan tanya "unit mana?" then I have to jawab "unit blah blah blah" then diorg tanya lagi (more like a cynical statement lah) "oh under En. blah blah ke??" pastu senyum senyum kambing.


I know the talks about my big boss lah, ai dun want to hear bolehhhhh?? Nanti aku ada pandangan serong terhadap diaaaaa, then nanti dia tak kasi aku naik pangkattttt (baru masuk sebulan dah bercita cita tinggi...haha!)

Ok sebenarnya itu bukan tujuan aku update (sejak bila je aku tak pernah tersasar objective?). I'm just scared lah, nanti bila dah pindah US, how the hell am I gonna find a job?

I will no longer be the majority there, I'll become one of the minorities. So racism akan melampau lampau lah. It's such a scary thought!

Walaupon Dondon dah banyak kali cakap, I should not worry too much because I've got the papers (degree/resume) to back me up, but still. Apa kau ingat senang nak cari kerja? Let alone when you're venturing in ANOTHER country.

Can any of you Malaysians yang moved to another country and got a job over there give me a peace of mind? Sebab aku gabra gila, macam panic attack sekejap.

Deep breath.
Deep breath.
Deep breath.

On another note, I don't feel too good today. Rasa nak pitam, my tangan are shaking (no I'm not hungry) and I feel my mulut needs to drink but I'm not thirsty, bila aku minum, aku rasa nak muntah.

What's happening to me???

Bila berdiri aku rasa terhuyung hayang.

I should end my post here, nanti aku pitam kang....mati orang nak angkat mak gajah ni.

Anyhow, before I sign off, please doakan my (not so) little sister will be ok!!

Si gila @ SJMC


  1. adik alia warded kenapa? get well soon~

  2. lame nye kene warded for denggi, mesti bosan kan sbb kene cucuk air tu..

    btw i told u b4, y dun u do online site for malaysian yg nk beli brg2 US yg best itew, esp plus size baju..

    then u can duduk rumah jage anak =P

  3. get well soon alia's lil sister!!!

    tak sampai hati nk panggil si gila, lol ;P

  4. They have anti discrimination laws in place so it would be illegal for employers to refuse to give you a job because of your ethnicity. As long as you have your papers, experience and work visa (and apply with a reputable company), you'll have as much of a chance of getting a job as an American who has the same qualifications.

  5. hope she'll b fine.. and u'll be fine too.. :)

  6. Alia... few years back 3 of my bros went down with dengue at one go...lagi dasyat.... but I tak boleh la nk dramatis lebih2 coz I wasn't there kan... ngeee.....

    Neyways, one of them was so bad that he was in the ICU for few days...mmg doc dh kate 40% of chances aje la... that was when my dad tried all the alternatives including sup ketam. Just rebus sup ketam tu without any other ingredients including salt. Just mcm tu je. Then they had to drink the sup mcm minum 100plus tu.... 2 days terus ok..their blood platelet went up tremendously.

    The downside of it is...............it tasted so yucky that one of them swore won't ever gonna touch crab ever again.....

    So, thought of sharing =)

    Cepat la jadik warga amerikah!

  7. hey aliaa..
    gi check darah. takut u pn kne denggi itu..
    dulu pun i mcm tu..mnum rs nak muntah..pastu sakit2 tulang. upenye denggi menyerang u know..

  8. office hour kat office aku pun start 8.30.. tapi 8.30 baru mata aku boleh bukak, nak buek camno?? pastu ngan jalan jem lagi.. hmmm..

    dah aku datang opis lambat hari2, pandai2 la cover balik lepas opis hour hehe.. nasib baik takde punch card.. kalau ada, sah2 kad aku merah setiap hari T______T

  9. alaaa...
    u wanna become and american kan??
    knp nk susah payah cari kerja??
    mintak transfer ajelaaa.. TM US kn ade.......

  10. When I was looking for a job here in Australia... when I sent in my resume under my maiden name I didn't get many interviews. Then, after I got married and pandai2 use my very anglicised new name...

    Well, the point is the hardest part will be getting the interview in the first place. After that I'm sure you'll be fine. First impressions count for so much unfortunately, and there's no way we can tell if a potential employer is going to have prejudices.

    You've just gotta keep plugging on, and don't give up.

    I wish you all the best! :)

  11. I know this is an old post.
    But, American economy sucks really bad right now.

    However, most companies have Equal Opportunity Affirmative Action policy. Which means they don't discriminate you based on gender, ethnicity, religion, veteran's status, and sexual orientation (in some cases). Also, the Affirmative Action part promotes the hiring of minority for diversify workplace. Good luck with everything.


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