Saturday, July 11, 2009

What? What?

Okay this might sound silly coming from me, who is a self-proclaimed geekazoid and technological wisecrack...but I've been dying to ask someone about it. And before you start pointing to, please hear my plead (as for my defense), ok, soo maybe I'm just a tad too lazy to read some articles which I'm sure have a lot of technical jargons that I know I won't even bother to try to's much better having someone to explain to me in layman's term.

Easy as ABC.


Anyway, this might be old news, and it's all over the media (not that I'm following it religiously...), but what the hell is a Twitter?

Haha...ok sila gelak.

But I'm serious, I know it's a community application that you can update on the go (eg: using your phone), but what is it exactly?? And how does it work? Wait..I mean how do you USE it? Do you have to pay for the service? Does it cost money if you register? What is it?!?!

O'knowledgeable people! Help me!


  1. No la babe. You don't need to bayar anything. It's just like another IMing program. Well kind of.

  2. tu r.... ada gak acc twitter...tapi xtau nak guna.......nanti kalau alia dah tau guna twitter, sila share cemana nak guna yerk....;)

  3. ohohoh.. aku pun baru je register, tapi tak pandai guna. pengagal sungguh

  4. err..tak register dan tak guna pun...ahakss...tgk org punya je..

  5. Twitter ni cam... Kau tau your status update kat fesbuk tu kan? Basically, it's like that. You letak whatever updates you nak, and then people can see it la. It's fun kalau kau ade kawan kat twitter. Die jadi cam chatting pon bleh. Another way to communicate. Aku pon taktau nak terangkan camne, al. OK I'M BAD AT THIS. I'M A BAD TEACHER.

  6. hahahahahaha! ala, kiranya mcm ko update status ko mcm kat facebook tu la.. for example,

    Alia sedang menari gendut-gendut sambil makan ice cream..

    so mereka2 yg follow ko tu tau la apa ko tgh buat..


  7. Ohh, baru la gwe pahemmmmm. Haha..tapikan, macam mana nak guna la cik kak sekaliannnn??? When u guna the service eg: nak hantar status update, do you have to pay? Macam seposen satu message ke...

  8. free je.. register kat

    pastu install twitterfox, lagi senang nak update :) tayah tetiap kali masuk website tu..

    eh eh tetiba cam aku dah terrer sket


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