Tuesday, July 7, 2009

My blog or your blog?

Hey isn't it cool? I am being judged based on the things that I wrote here in my blog. Apparently my fabricated stories made the hit list. I'm just so glad that some people even took the time to look into the tiny details.


Look, if you don't like what I'm writing in THIS blog, then sila main jauh jauh. Ada aku paksa kau baca ke? This is MY blog, MY stories, if your whole purpose is just to mengomel on the things I write, then please, do me a favor, don't read my blog.

Can you not be such a nosey person? "Eh Alia did this!" "Alia did that!". Busybody betul lah. Rimas ok.

This blog was made for MY entertainment, and also to serve my daily updates for my IMMEDIATE family. Are you my IMMEDIATE family?

I don't care if you read my blog and keep it to yourself, tapi kalau lepas baca tu, tak payah la nak kecoh kecoh.

The point I'm trying to make is, if you like my blog, good, I'm glad you do, but don't go spreading around like it's a daily tribunal.

Yes, I am brutally honest and yes sometimes you have to excuse my french, and if you get offended by swear words, then don't read. I'm not going to change my writing style just to fit your convenience. If I were to do that, might as well just rename the blog after your name kan?

Anyhow, I'm going to watch the TV now, and I'm sure you've got your OWN LIFE to attend to too right?


  1. ok la...ok la..aku blahh!

    wakakakaa. adakah aku terasa? tidak sama sekali...

  2. gulppp...lama tak singgah...

    sy suka blog awk, tapi sy tak buat pape cuma dtg baca aje.....

  3. err..err...apasal kat mana2 ada je org2 yg suka buat onar macam nih?

  4. rasa2nya berapa ramai org macam ni ya?
    macam ramai jer dia attack..
    adakah orang yang sama?

    err.. alia tapi saya pun baca dan gelak sorang2 dan guling2 je...

  5. haylo cik alia.mmg byk org gila dalam arena bloggin.ewah.dlm blog ai pun ada sex maniac tgh dok kacau.mcm mana tu

  6. siapakah yg offended dgn swear words tu? mari aku gelakkan dia sebab tak open minded, boleh?

    biarkan je. ignorance is bliss sometimes.

  7. Ala kengkawan, org org pendengki nikan mana mana ada. Takpe...kita kasi dia pity je...dia nak attention kan!

    Sex maniac tak der lagi kot aku jumpa..eh jap ada, selalnya diorg cari "busty asian".Hahahaha, diorg clicked gambar Japanese porno tu sebenarnya..tu kira sex maniac jugak la kan!!

  8. i like ur layout.. simple beb!


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