Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Riding on that nostalgic feeling...

I was cleaning up my PC today after I've upgraded to Windows 10. I was thinking of updating my blog on how sweet Windows 10 looks like, but I'm pretty sure most of you have upgraded yours a long time ago, so...there's really no reason for me to write about it. Plus, I suck at reviewing technology, everything is either sucks to the max, or pretty darn good.

...but I have something that you guys haven't seen before!!!

*drum rolls*


So apparently we've been married..errr...10 years ago!

"Cyberminister Doc Love" LOLOLOL oh my gooosssshhhhh, sooo fricking lame.

And the fact that I saved a copy of the "cert" is even more lame!
....wait, the fact that we even DID IT is BEYOND lame!!!


It was 2004.....so we were like.....20!

Holy shit.
I was super lame when I was 20, man.

Well, I was at the peak of  my teenage love at that point in life. Was beyond ecstatic that I had a boyfriend. I thought I was gonna grow old alone man.

I remember holding on to this "cert" as if it was an assurance that he belongs to me, and I belong to him or some shit like that. Since most teenage couples that time would receive a ring or some thing, I had my fricking virtual marriage certificate. HA take that you-normal-people!

Anyway c'mon guys, admit it, you've done this before as well! This was when this shit was famous, where everybody virtually (pun intended) married everyone.

Well not me though, apparently I only married this one guy virtually, and just (VERY) lucky enough that I get to marry the same guy physically & legally (phew!)

I also found this picture while I was cleaning.

It's a screencap of his screen.
With my humongous face taking over his whole screen.


I don't remember what year was this, but it should be around the same time 2004-2005 or something.
Cause his hair was still long.
And still using Windows XP.
And we were communicating via Yahoo Chat (and MSN)! Skype didn't exist before then.


He also said that this is his favorite picture of me.


Anywaayyy moving on,

I'm pretty sure I've uploaded the this picture a long time ago, but who cares.

This is MY favorite picture of him.

I think my husband looks hot here.


And also here.

I remember staring at this picture for hours. This was before we met each other in person. So imagine the feeling, butterflies went psychotic in my stomach. hahahahah

I know he's gonna kill me if he finds out that I've uploaded these pictures here. LOLOL

Oh well.

Cranky Don.

Look how skinny he was!!

What the hell happened to him now!

Speaking of now...

He grew up!

This was taken a few months ago durrr.

You know.... I've been with him for a decade, we spent ALL of our 20s together, we watched each other grew up, so I can honestly say.........dayum boi, u got fat.


Ok bai!


  1. guys guys awat korang sweet sgt. i really really wish i had a long looongggg relationship macam korang.
    paling lama setakat ni pun just 2... years.. *sobs*

    1. Tak pe,,,lu muda lagi. Nanti nanti dah alang alang sakit pinggang lutut bagai, baru la boleh gelabah tetek carik...hahahahahah

  2. First, lawa layout baru. Thanks sbb ada link aku sekali. hehehe

    2nd, alaaa...review laa Windows 10. Aku ada mixed feeling nak upgrade or not sebab ada yg kata tak best dan ada yg kata best & kasi performance berdesup.

    3rd, bahagia betul korang kan. Suka aku tengok. Baguslah. Aku syak mesti ramai gadis2 luar sana jealous tgk kau dgn Don. Hehehe.

    Last, gambar last tu, background dia green screen kah? Nanti boleh edit2 masuk permandangan. Hehehe

    1. Haha dah lama tak update link link tu. Bila nak update je, perasaan malas timbul.

      Hmm, aku baru upgrade Windows 10 ni dlm 2 hari, so far, performance sama rata je. Tak de la berdesup ke apa. Start bar GUI berubah la, tapi who cares. HAHAHA. Plus, aku tak suka sebab dia automatically downloaded Sports App, News App, Weather app (ok la, this one can be forgiven), Store app dan mcm mcm jenis app lagi. Like hello? Kalau aku nak donlod app ke apa, I will donlod it myself!

      Lagi satu, now graphics card aku tak boleh nak update, ada error katanya. Podah. Tapi aku baca online, org yg update their graphics card, tetiba dual monitor tak boleh pakai. So tu yg aku mcm tak pe, tunggu dulu utk update graphics ni.

      And since I'm a gamer, kebanyakkan games boleh support la. Setakat ni.

      Ahahahaha best aku aku review utk kau je kat sini. hahaha

      Tqtqtq, ramai org cemburu sebab ntah. Aku best kot? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

      A ah, background tu green screen. So boleh tepek gambar apa apa je. nanti aku nak tepek gambar aku dgn Tom Hardy lah. HAHAHA

  3. ahh the Y!M i somehow miss it :D

    guess kenaikan berat orang lelaki berkadaran dengan waktu hahahahaa. esp when the guys get married. (being happy) hihii

    1. HAHAHA YES! Everybody used YM kan! Femes gilaaaa dulu! Yahoo Chat was my thing man! I'd spent most of my days in those chat rooms, bukannya chatting dgn org pun, tapi trolling. Siap nyanyi bagai. Tu yg Don terpikat kot? Minah saiko mana tetiba masuk chat room nyanyi lagu Barney. HAHAHAHAHAHA

  4. hot sangat. i loike.

    eh boleh ke puji husband orang? hewhewhew.

    1. Hepp! Hepp! Hahahahsjahsjadhjad

      Dulu je la hot..sskrang ni.........bambam sikittttttttt


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