Tuesday, August 11, 2015

I changed it again


I've changed my theme again. I did the whole shebang around 7pm and now it's 4am. This is what we call, dedi-frickin-cation.

Or just a huge waste of time.


Either way, it works. Because I am now happy and contented with how my blog looks like.
For now.

In case if you wanna know (even if you don't, you're still gonna have to read this line LOL), I'm very particular about blog design. I can't stand super cluttered, shit-all-over-the-place design. I'm super anal about that. I get really annoyed and will end up not updating my blog (HAHA alasan). And when I'm blog surfing, and I get into a very cluttered blog with adverts all over the place, there's a high chance that I'll just exit it. HAHAHA I'm such a diva I know.

Anyway, back to me (LOL). People have been complaining that my posts are very rude (because I use vulgar words -- it's just sometimes it's hard to call an idiot other than "idiot", ya know what I'm saying?)

So to circumvent this popular opinion, I've decided to take the "flowery" approach.


Imma genius.

Now, you can't tell how horrible and rude this blog is because you have flowers and pink stuff all over your face!


Anyway, I change my blog theme often because I get bored often.

And to change a theme, it takes hours and I'm really starting to question my priorities here....

I mean it's the compiling of shit that makes it tedious, and resizing, and aligning. Just look at how cluttered my desktop was man....I mean I can't stand it when you open a ton of windows because I get confused most of the time, but when it comes to beautifying my blog, I actually don't mind.

I think it shows where my interest is leaning towards to.

Just sucks that my background is in IT engineering. What the fuck was I thinking.


  1. aiyohhhh...sangat girlish....betul ke alia ni?? hahaha

    1. Hahahah tu laaa, bunga bunga bagaiii aduhhhh, what is happeninggggg to meeeeee

    2. ni mesti ada kaitan dengan peningkatan umur ni. mesti ni. selalu makcik-makcik je suka bunga-bunga ni hahahaha

  2. nice. thumbs up :)

    p/s :: buatkan kita purple color simple2 je ;) hahaha. jk


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