Friday, April 9, 2010



You're obviously mentally unstable who dated my 14 year cousin, hence I will accept your surrender.


/EDITED: Udah udah lah tu people. If I keep this open, memang sampai bilalah benda ni takkan habis. For those yang kenkononnya nak berlagak "matured" ala, please lah do the world a favor, please actually be one. I think I've said this a few times already, it's a done deal, drop the subject.

Now I am going to be the adult here and walk away. I shall delete dengan sepantas kilat apa apa comment about this issue. Capiche?

Thank you for being so understanding apanya, aku yg set kan the rules. HAHAHSJAHD.  

Ok, lets proceed dengan entry entry yang membahagiakan jom! 


  1. muahahaha haahhh!! tau menggelabah campur menggelupur nak marah..

  2. hey , cinta tak kenal usia. So chill ;)

  3. oh ada banyak lagi la yang salah.ha ha ha ha.pengalah sungguh.

  4. Congrats. U won a fight with a 17 year old yang baru nak kenal dunia. Immensely proud of yourself, huh?

  5. Anonymous & Ariana:

    Apa lagi nak bising bising ni? She made her peace, we accepted it, so case SHOULD be closed. Now who's the childish one for bringing it up again?

    And yes, it a "we" because the whole thing involved my family and her family.

    I COULD disclose what she (and my cousin) did, but that's highly inappropriate sebab ia mengaibkan orang.

    So for those of you yang know nothing about this shit, it's best for you to just stfu. Deal? kthnxbye.

  6. i respect gile cara u handle anon, alia! You go girl! :D

  7. Lawl.

    I could tell you on so many levels how ur answer has nothing to do with what I said, but since ur a deranged late 20 something-year-old who's proud of picking fights with budak yang baru nak kenal dunia, I accept your answer.

    Oh, I know, go fuck myself right? :)

  8. Ariana:

    Lah, now I understand that you're taking this as an opportunity to get back to me for whatever reason that I did...wait nvm, I understand your predicament, I'd do the same if I were you.

    So yeah, you got me, I'm guilty for having a ball picking up fights with teenagers. Wow I guess I'm pretty sad /SOB

    But hey, you're not any better yourself, it's funny because the girl dropped it and I've dropped it and yet here you are, pointing out my shortcoming for something that I've clearly ended it.

    So I guess you're 17?

  9. al.. again i like it...

    anyway, aku pn facing the same thing jugak.. but not with budak hingusan la.. tp, wit an adult yg pretend they are matured enuf but actually not..siap bwk frens lg.. (payah jugka ye)..

    but, as what like one of my fren said..

    "jangan di cucuk lg orang yg melatah, nnt makin melatah, sakit jantung, masuk gol.. x pasal2 kena tuduhan membunuh..hahaah.."..

    and i think, betul jugak like what have been said.. people like that, makin di cucuk, makin melatah coz makin menggelabah....

    and yg kononnya nk jadi hero or heroin membela kawan yg kononnya dianiaya tu..for me, they all tak ubah macam lalat... you know..lalat.. benda yg busuk and buruk, wajibul ghunnah, mesti ada punya...

    so, to my dearie fren, alia... you go gurl !!!! esok kita lunch date ye!! hehe we talk moreeeeeeee...

  10. alia,
    jgn la mkn hati sgt dgn komen2 negatif tu..biasalah org cantek mesti ramai org jeles-dengki-iri hati..public figure lah katakan hehe..teruskan buat entry yg superb ok..