Sunday, December 13, 2015

Kena Kutuk Sebab Gemuk

Soooo, here we go again, moments of truth!

Keywords that came to my blog.
Macam biasa la, we've got horny perverts trying to score some sexy time with the masseuse, underage girls, blah blah. You know the drill.

Aku rasa, keywords yg datang ke blog aku, semuanya sex-related. Padahal I only have 2-3 entries je about calling those pervs out.

Dunno la.
Don't care.

Lagi ramai masuk.
Lagi untung aku.


Anyway, I stumbled upon this particular keyword that I pretty much have an experience on.

A lot of experience I might say.


To whoever yg googled this, I have one advice for you: FUCK THEM. FUCK 'EM ALL.


Ok. On a serious note, there's really nothing you can do. Mulut orang memang tak boleh nak di control. They can say whatever they want. It's their prerogative.

But it's YOUR prerogative to whether you want to feel offended or not.

I mean I get it. Words hurt. I've been there at least a dozen times. I cried and bitched about it. Though bitching about it helps. Cause most of the times, you'll get people supporting your back. I mean, I know it's not your goal to get people's approval, but I'm just saying, it helps when you have a support group.

But of course, sometimes you'll get dickwards too. Trolling on your page, saying nasty shit. Blah blah blah. Lantak pi la depa nak cakap apa. Bukannya diorg put food on your table.

If you know these dickheads in real life, cut them out. No, not literally. but cut them out from your life. Disassociate them. Oust them. Unfriend them from your facebook/Instagram/Snapchat/Twitter/whatever lah. I've done this so many times to so many dickheads. If they want to be vile and hateful, then they don't deserve to be my friends. I'm awesome and I only keep awesome friends.

The Malays are usually musuh dalam selimut. Depan kita, bukan main manis mulut. Tapi kat belakang, mulut mcm lubang taik. So usually if you confront them, or call them out, they won't do shit. Terkejut agaknya. Some might reconsider their actions, some, might get violent. This is when you walk away, and unfriend them.

I know I know. "kau cakap senang je nak unfriend them".
That's because it is easy.

How do you unfriend someone in real life?
Walk away when they're talking.
Delete their phone numbers.
Unfollow them on your social media.

How do you unfriend someone online?
There's a button specifically called "UNFRIEND"

You're an intelligent creature. You can think of something.


Ok, so once you've clean up your list, but you still can't filter everyone out. Again, you can't stop people from being a douchebag. But what you can stop, is being affected by their words.

Embrace it.

Embrace your body shape.
Embrace your kekurangan (or kelebihan lemak)

Joke about it.

I call myself "mak walrus" because I KNOW that I'm fat. I'm not trying to deny that fact. I KNOW that people are still gonna keep calling me fat. But those words don't hurt me anymore, because how could they hurt me if I, MYSELF AM CALLING MYSELF FAT??

You get this logic?

It's like me saying "Hey aku gemuk"
Then people are like "Hey kau ni gemuk"

No shit Sherlock.

I JUST said that I'm fat.
Why are you repeating after me?
Got nothing original ah?

Then that opens up to you insulting their intelligence.


See where I'm going?


Ok lah, that was a bad example. But you get what I mean!

I think people have exhausted their insult-vocab when it comes to ad hominem attacks. I've heard them all. And they get old really quickly.


Finally, the last step.
If you're not happy with how they way you look, CHANGE IT. Get your ass up and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

Change your diet. Change your lifestyle.

I mean there's really no point of you sitting there, crying about how people are calling you fat, ugly and whatnot.

Baik la kau gunakan your anger and frustration on bersenam.

IF you're content with how you look, then whatever la. You can stay big.
Though for various medical reasons, I STRONGLY DO NOT recommend it. You can at least take 20-mins walk around your block. Or if it's too hot (I understand Malaysia's weather), turun naik tangga a couple of times.

I'm not the best of person to give out nasihat on bersenam, because I'm super lazy. Pemalas nak mampos hahahahahahaha. But I'd try to allocate about 30mins a day just walking on my treadmill, or just a quick 10mins walk on my neighborhood.

I'm watching on my food intake (though, not so much lately. Lately aku main ngap je - but still try to keep within my 1500cal a day).

Listen, if this pemalas-nak-mampus-mak-walrus can do it, why can't you?

So in the conclusion, it all DEPENDS ON YOU. If you want to feel offended or not. If you want to do something or not. If you want to let those hurtful words dictate your life or not.

There's only so much that people can HELP you with, but most of the hard work and decision making, are yours alone.

I'm no professional, so you shouldn't take me word for word. I'm just telling you on how *I* have been dealing with it. What works for me might not works for you.

So I'm gonna end this post, with a picture of this mak walrus, because why the hell not? LOL


  1. alia i lepas kawen nait 10kg. ten effing kilos!
    and looking at you, terus inspired!

    keep on going! xx

  2. As someone who is “big-boned”—hahahaha—since the age of 6 month. This topic is close to my heart. As a kid, I went on defense by attacking others pre-emptively. I was that girl that other kids were scared of because I would not hesitate to bagi pelempang to you. Come to think of it now, I gaduh a lot with boys when I was in elementary school. All because they were taunting me about my weight.

    I never really embrace my weight because that’s just what I am. Just like I don’t embrace having a pair of hands and a pair of legs. It’s part of who I am. I try to focus on what I like and what I am good at instead.

    Parents need to teach their kids not to be mean to other people who are different, but they need to start with themselves. I mean, they need to be aware of their of prejudices. Stop stigmatizing fat people. If you are really concern about their health, calling them out would not help. They could already be working on striving for a better health.

    For example, in my case, compared to my skinny friends, I eat healthier food—lotsa veggies, fruits, and not highly-processed. I also workout a lot more especially when compared to an average Malaysian. And the last time I had my annual exam from a couple months ago, all my vitals—blood pressure, cholesterol, glucose level—are good. And I know the reason my health indicators are good is due to my balanced diet & physical activities. But, you wouldn’t know that by looking at me. So, am I trying to lose weight? Of course, because I could be healthier with less weight. But I am not doing because I want to look good, that’s just the side effect. I look fabulous at any weight :-P

    Adults who look down on others because of their weight should not be taken seriously. What are these people problem? Why do they feel the need to deride others who are fat? Unless, you know the person personally, you have no way of knowing whether the person is lazy or unhealthy. And don’t make fun of them when you see them trying to exercise. Again, you don’t know their struggle. Just mind your own business and face your own prejudice.

    To people who struggle about people making fun of them because of their weight, just focus on yourself. Understand your values and your goals and work toward them. Try to get support from others so that you can stick to your goal and be accountable for it: it could be it your family & friends, or even a therapist.

  3. Percayalah, jadi org kurus pun kena kutuk jugak. Mulut manusia,biasalah. jd takyah ambik port org nk ckp apa, hidup dgn riang dan gumbira!

    aku suka gambar bawah tu!

  4. Nice one, Alia.
    Terutamanya part last tu 'it all DEPENDS ON YOU'

    Salah satu keyword famous dlm blog aku ialah 'cucu dirogol atuk' like WTF siapa yang berakal normal nak google search benda macam tu?? Dan kenapa blog aku yg jadi tmpat singgah? aku tak pernah rasa pun pernah guna tiga perkataan tu dlm satu entri. NO. Hahahah

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  6. hahahahahaa... tergelak baca ni.. :)
    aku pun tengah ringan2 kan bontot bersenam hari2.. dapat sejam sehari pun dah rasa hebat sangat dah ni.. :)

    apa2 pun pokok pangkal akar kulit kayu ranting daun2.. semua bergantung pada diri sendiri..
    semoga success..!!

  7. setuju dgn zyra! i was once so skinny i used to received all this kutukan.. drp kawan2 pulak tu! haihs.

  8. Dulu masa aku blaja ada classmate aku panggil ms aku tgh jln luar kelas... out of no where dia ckp "kalau kau kurus aku mesti nak kat kau"... aku jawab "masalahnya kalau aku kurus, aku xnak kat kau"... walk away like a champion.. and mamat tu skang besfren aku.. and bini dia x cantik mana pon so i win.. tetibe... adalah menyakitkan hati juga bila lelaki2 ni igt org gemuk mcm aku ni tangkap muat and akan mudah jatuh cinta dgn semua org and dia takut aku jatuh cinta dgn dia so diaorg xnak kawan rapat sgt dgn aku.. oh come onnnn.. aku ada taste... hahaha


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