Wednesday, December 23, 2015



I'm laughing at my own title.
Rasa macam wtf sangat. Perasan bagus si Alia ni.

But I was chatting with a friend earlier and we had an epiphany that I should be writing an entry about how to get a white boyfriend.

I laughed at her suggestion. I mean what kind of person would want to read that?!
I even laughed at my own "ability" to bag a Caucasian man. I mean, what credibility do I hold for me to write about getting a white partner? My experience would solely based on my ONE AND ONLY white man in my life!

It's not like I've had tons of white boyfriends before!

And then I figured, hey, WHY NOT. I've got a couple of tips and tricks down my sleeves, why not share them to the world!


Ok so brace yourself because here you go.




Ok ok.
On a serious note now.

White men is just like other men. There is nothing different about them.

I'm Asian enough to know that most Asian women tend to shy away from them out of fear (rejection? Cultural differences? I don't even know). I also know that most Asian women are pretty submissive, that it has been embedded in our culture to be this way. I mean we're not submissive to the point of "yes sir" to everything, but it's enough to make us seem that we're not assertive. We're not upfront enough.

And that, my friends, is the only key in getting a man's heart, let it be white, brown, or green.

So here's the ONLY TIP and you should be focusing on:

Yep. That's it.
Confidence is the key.

Confidence is hot.
Confidence is sexy.

It really doesn't matter on how you look like, if you think you're hot shit, and you carry yourself well, then you're hot shit.

When a woman seduces a man, it's enough to make him come home with you, because your confidence speaks volume. To be seductive, you have to be confident.

It also shows independence. I don't know about the men that you've met, but almost all of the men that I know, HATE it when their women are 100% dependent on them, as if they're taking care of a child. Men want companionship, not a child. Also, most men get annoyed with the "do I look fat" question (I know my husband does!) because it only shows how insecure you are.

Insecure women are also harder to please because they feel like they have to compete with everything in order to feel "complete".

I used to be so insecure about myself (I still do sometimes, I'm working on it) but I've gotten better over the years. I used to care of what people think of me. Of what I look like if I wear horizontal stripes, or if I look ugly wearing shorts, or if I look retarded with a half-shaven head.

Now, I just don't fucking care anymore, because I know I'm hot shit. HAHAHAHAHA

That's why when I see kak-ipar aku dok sebok menggatal dengan laki aku, I know I have nothing to worry about, because I'm a far better catch in every way possible.

Like, bitch, you got nothing to compete with these boobs. These are massive fucking tits yo.

and oh. I also have a degree. So that means I'm well edumacated.
And had a nice upbringing.
And came from a kick-ass family line.

Now who are you again?

Tersasul pulak.


Anyway, what I'm trying to say is, stop worrying about little things, stop talking down about yourself.

Start thinking that you're a cool person. Flirt like a cool person flirts....which is confidently. Why do you think hot girls flirt so nonchalantly that it looks so simple for them? Because they know they're hot shit, and not just some chicken-shit. So imitate this. You're hot shit okay?

Because you're hot shit.

Sure some men might reject you or whatever, but that wouldn't keep a confident person down, would it?

All in all, (yeah I'm just gonna sum everything up because I'm getting lazy to write LOLOLOLOOL)



Majulah sukan untuk negara.


  1. woww! i juz lurveeee this post! setujusss sgt! haha.. confidence really is sexy!

    1. Kann??? I mean that's all that my husband told me! Dia ckp, it doesn't matter how the girl looks like, if she is confident, then she is sexy! Nothing turns a man on how like how confident woman does!

  2. Hahahaha...
    Sometimes i just wish that aku didatangi oleh perempuan yang konfiden utk memulakan perbualan instead of dia yang tunggu aku utk buat first approach. Banyak kali kot aku buat first approach tapi kena reject sebab muka ni macam pecah rumah. Hahahaha

    1. I mean you agree la kan? Most women sebenarnya malu, nak tapi malu. Then belakang tabir, they'd bitch and bitch kenapa tak de boyfriend. Abis tu dah memilih sangat!

  3. Ohh Alia..i laaaaaaaaaaavvvveeee this post!!! thank u bringing back my positive vibe!! Ok i nak ngorat n flirt with Norman Reedus...hahaha lol...


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