Tuesday, March 5, 2013

COMIC: Love you extra


  1. mesti alia rasa nak bagi penampor je kan?


  2. Hey, new reader here.
    I don't know where to contact you for random questions, but I figured it's only appropriate to write on your latest post cz you'll most likely see this haha

    I'm in an LDR, just like you were when you and your Don first started. Also from Malaysia+America haha I tried looking for your first time to USA/meeting him post but I can't find it!

  3. Naomi Ng,

    You were right!! LOL I'll def check my latest post! Haha

    My first time in USA's entry is labeled under "America" or something...most probably an entry about eggs or something ridiculous like that LOL

    It's not really a romantic love story but you can read how we met (I included the first time we met in person too) in the "How We Met" entry

    It's a bitch to get into America legally though...hope you're mentally prepared for that!! Haha..

    1. Haha okay. I'll go look for an eggs post.lol I've actually read How We Met after reading Why White Guys Like Asian Women Haha

      Every story of a relationship had its own romanticism la..Like when he took the first pic via webcam with the sign, super sweet lah! And he bought you a webcam too! :D

      Why is it a bitch to get into the US? Regular tourist visa won't work?

  4. Norlyana Nasrin

    Nak jugak...tapiiiiii...abe don jauhhhh dari tapak tangan..hahahah

  5. nak jugak menang tu..hahahaha


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