Thursday, June 17, 2010

I am sorry for not updating. I just have a lot of things in my mind..

While waiting for my mood to magically about you read up (again haha!) some of my old comical pictorial entries!!

Online shopping disaster
Horror story
Movie rolling
What If?

...that should keep you entertained for now. :p


  1. ciss sungguh update like this. sebab ai dah khatam okeh reading ur blog!

    kah kah kah kah!

  2. I like your entries when you're in US

  3. semangat gyler lu jellabies
    sampai khatam blog neyh

    gwa xlarat nak khatam lageyh

  4. J. Love:
    LOLOLOLOL masa tu tengah malas...ok, mmg hari hari aku malas =\

    You don't like my entries when I'm here in Malaysia do y0ou????
    JHhaahaahah saiko aku ni

    Tak payah khatam lah, entry lelama tu boring boring (matiler mengaku entries bebaru ni tak boring) hahaa

  5. alia, both but I like ur experience there which is awesome! haha

  6. love reading your entries though I am way pass your age.makcik likes the hilarity in you.
    Thats too true that people who blabber too much,too often are sometimes sores to the ears.
    Moderate is the word ,Kan begitu alia.
    Love ,
    aunty blogger.

  7. oops I made a mistake.Should have posted the comment above to your latest post - i know this one lady. .sorry again.

  8. mokjadeandell:
    It's okay, though mula mula I thought "wahh, ada orang tegur I talk too much ke.." agak kecil hati di situ...hahaha

    but when I read your second comment, hati berbunga bunga kembali HAHAH

  9. hahahhaa..penah kene mcm ni, tp membe sebelah ni tgh memerut sambil wat bunyi, pret pot pot pot...aku masa tuh dah geli, napa dia tak kover bunyi ni, tp dia tetap cakap2 ngan aku sambil buat buyi tuh..ooohoho...annoys ye


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