Tuesday, April 14, 2009

What if?

This just hits me, so I'm going to Amerikahh right, do I need to "be" like one of them in order to feel "belonged"?

These Americans..they are not really friendly to other races (haha, matiler kena maki nanti) *(edited) Don: America is a melting pot! Americans = multiple races!*, so being an Asian especially, an Asian with tanned skin (nama glemer utk kulit hitam manisssku), an Asian with no slanted eyes, an Asian whom cannot speak Chinese nor Japanese, an Asian who IS not a Chinese nor Japanese..it's gonna be hard on them to adapt.

I mean stereotypically, in their eyes, an Asian is this:

(haha, the title of the picture is busty Asian. THAT's busty? *gelak menggelupur*)

I wonder how will they react if they see this Asian?

No hablo espaƱol!

Yeah, so the picture doesn't compliment me at all, but kan, most of my pictures that I've uploaded here, semuanya buruk buruk belaka.

Nak buat macam mana, cameras don't like me (ayat denial yg diri sendiri huduh, haha! )

Anyway, though I have learned how to sepiking like them, with my superfake accent, probably I should speak like typical Chinese yang baru migrated to US huh?

I rove u Don Mirrer.

Har har harrrrrrrr.

Or maybe I should dye my hair

Super Cherry Red?

Dirty Blond/Light brown?

How about green?

Oh. Nevermind.

Oh speaking of brown, this is how my hair should look like:

(Ada serupa Tyra Banks tak? Hahaaa)

Instead of this:

The color is so orange/yellow, it hurts peoples eyes (oklah, it hurts my eyes), as if someone poured curry all over my head!

Oh I wonder how my hair would look like once theyre all greyed out.


Sephirothhh, your partner is hereeeee

Speaking of partner...

Oh my god. Is THAT MY partner??

The end.

p/s: Oh, I forgot to mention..

..si penumpang glemer untuk post kali ini.

Kah kah kah.


  1. Bongek. HAHAHA. Seriously aku trgelak gilao here. But seriously, i have to confess, u'd look great dgn tht tyra banks nye hair colour. LOL. Tht kari alagapas pon bleh tahan jgk la. LAWAK DOWH. And...

    Kesian ur friend there. Hahaha!

  2. warrghhhh! kahkahkahhhh!!!!

    cop! aku soka yg kaler serbuk kari tuu...


  4. hui.. baru masuk dan dah siap bace sume n3 yg ada :)

    klakar oke hang buat rerambut memacm kaler itu!

    selingan: hai kakjah... hihihi..

  5. hahaha, ally awat muka penumpang glamer tu separuh je lain kali letak full photo.

    tapi yg brown kala tu cun :p

  6. Ath: I KNOW right?? I soooooo want that Tyra's color! Tapi apek tu bagi kaler kari alagappas!! Mengamok ni!! *padahal I was the one who bought the color..hehe, tp sebab tensi punya pasal, I'm still blaming on that apek! CURSE YOU APEK!!!!*

    Tijah: Kaler serbuk kari tu lawa la jugak *ni kes nak puji diri sendiri*, tapi kulitku gelappppp, sooooooo :(:(:(

    Wani: And you made me rageeeeeee with jealousy! (boleh kah mcm ni? hahah!)

    Alis: Wah, terrer gila! Nampak sgt entriku simple, bosan dan riang gembira *nari nari gendut* hahahahaha

    Feha: AAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHah kau nak merampas keglemeran aku ke haaaaaa hA!? HAAA?!?!!!! *muka berang*

  7. OMG ally so funny!
    feha jadi penumpang glamour jap :p

  8. hey. wut application do u use to dye ur hair =]
    tell me. i'm so beginner

  9. Shad: Hahaha a ah, buat sementara ini, tapi aku dah kasi betis, mau peha pulakk! Grrrr! HAHA!

    Aliph: Photoshop hiburan sekeluarga! Download je and get the key gen..*eh don't listen to my advice*


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