Monday, June 1, 2009

Tengok TV online


Hulu is awesomeness. Tamak haloba kan aku ni, dah ada cable TV (which has literally hundreds of channels), mau jugak online TV. Now I can watch House over and over and over and over again!!

Thank you for internet speed yang amat laju.

p/s: I've tried to access Hulu when I was back in Malaysia, tapi the licensed is only valid for US IPs. Sorri guyssssssssss. Heee, saya mahu menengok TV now because the stupid-tak-tau-malu neighbor's daughter is using the pool. Sebok gila bitch tu.

Tak pe, in an hour, i'm going to terjun into the pool and make splashes all over. Padan muka kau. I mean wtf is she gonna say? "get the fuck out"?


Lagipon I have to wait till the sun goes down for a bit.


  1. Eh babe,sape kate xley tgok hulu kat mesia?Guna proxy channel je,bes citer..huhu.

    neway,i love reading ur blog,ceria n sentiasa ada love in d air..
    xde r cam stgah blog len,penoh benci and busuk hati.Enjoy ur life,k babe?

  2. Hahahaha...keji nya..
    tapi tape.... pttnya bila ko discover dia nak terjun pool tu ko clearkan air pool tu dulu... hahahaha... harus berenang angin aje dia pastu. hhahahaa


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