Friday, January 8, 2016


Hi Hi Hi

Sorry for the long hiatus.
I've been busy
No really, I have! Not kidding!!

Penat bertungkus-lumus making a tumblr site as well as....jeng-jeng-jeng ....



Uhhh, what's Tapastic, you ask?


Ehhh, no biggie la. I oso didn't know about it before. Kah kah kah.

It's actually a website for comic/artwork. You can publish your comic/artwork there. And what's so cool about it is that, you can publish your comic/artwork there.


No really. It's really cool. It's like Facebook, but for art stuff.
I love it because I can read some light-reading comics (I don't like heavy comics) and at the same time upload mine.


Really cute kan!??!
I mean their whole website is super adorable and easy to navigate!!

buttons semua besar besar, which I like, because this 4-eyed Asian walrus like 'em big.



I JUST started like a day ago, so it's a bit empty-ish.

You can support me by hitting on that SUBSCRIBE button and I'll make it non-empty-ish! I'll fill it up if you subscribe meeeeeeeeeeee! (well, even if you don't, I'll still fill it up....just...less...happy...:(  LOL)

Anyway, if you don't have a Tapastic account, you can just sign in with your FB account, and THEN subscribe me!


I'm trying on this whole new freelance illustrator shenanigan and this is where I'm starting up. And since I HAVE NO clue where to start, I'm taking a leap of faith on this.

So please, please show me some support! I'm not asking for money, I'm only asking for a subscription! (and some likes...but that's another story!)

I have decided to actively make more comics about my daily life (and about anything really) and upload it there. I'll still update my blogspot for other things! bitching and malay-speaking comic (cause I'll only upload English version on Tapastic)

So you'll get the best of both worlds!
Ey? Ey?

I've also made a website, which I don't know why since the contents are gonna be the same as my Tapastic account, but i guess so people can share and reblog them?! I don't know. I didn't think that through. LOL

Anyway, here's my website at:'s pink with unicorns.

Apparently I'm a girl.


  1. Hi Alia, my senior suka doodled and she found a platform for ppl to buy her doodle on tote bag semua at Please join the site, I love ur doodles :)

    1. Wow that's so great!! Thank you!!

  2. omg what a coincidence , i just made my own webcomic too , using the simple comic theme .. it took me ages to tweak it .. baru ingat nak buat tapastic skali tp my own website pun baru dlm beta phase .. its a dark humor kind of comic about my man , me and cat who is obsessed with his balls ..

    ANYWAY , LOVE LOVE LOVE your doodle , very hilarious n sweet !plus your website look fantastic! will be be following you right away .

    and as a fulltime freelancer , i would suggest you to start with fiverr to sell your doodling gigs , you know .. and put the link at your bio on your website/tapastic etc .. :D its the easiest place to make some bucks ..

    1. Hahaha i know what you mean! I was tweaking on for the longest time, and decided to quit and start fresh....on tumblr. HAHAHAHAHHA.

      That's the result of one part malas, one part pasrah sebab I don't know how to code shit hahahahahahah.

      Sometimes I think I enrolled on the wrong course when I was in Uni. I'm totally in the wrong profession because my passion is creative design! Sanggup belajar sendiri siang malam on how to use Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash and Premiere okk. Nampak tak betapa passionate nya?? Kan bagus if I'm this passionate about learning how to code Ruby, or C++ or any programming languages?!

      Anyway, enough about me and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE buat tapastic! I loveeeeeee your dark humor and I'd loveeee to read more!!

      I'll check fiverr out! Thank youuu for your suggestion! Any other tips that I should look for? Payah betul nak jadi freelancer ni

  3. Exposure is a good thing. I have a soft spot for tumblr. It’s where I go when I need to feel good. It gives me that warm feeling. Anyway, is there any app to easily upload all your artwork to various places (e.g. Taptastic, Tumblr, Facebook, blogger, etc)? I can see that a being a pain to have to upload at each sites. Maybe there’s a recipe on IFTTT. Hmmm…

    Can’t wait to see what you are going to come up next. Do more youtube video too. I love that one too.

    1. Yessss that's what I'm trying to do. I'm trying to have a presence everywhere on the internetssss. Tapi payah betul nak kena keep updating EVERY SINGLE platform hahahahah. Usually when I upload on 1 platform, I'd try to upload on the rest and keep them scheduled. Tumblr best sebab boleh schedule update, same as tapastic. Tapi yg Twitter, Instagram, Facebook tu, kena manually update everyday aduhh

      Ohhh speaking of youtube, I have this project that I should be recording, tapi tak de masa pulak! Sebab it requires a beforehand prep! If you like to see me painting in action (I'll be painting wood this time!) have an eye out for the vid! nanti I'll inform when it's out!

      I know you've been there and been supporting me wherever I am, and for that, I love you to the max!!!

  4. Ya Allahhh Aliaaa oiii ... Saya nie buta IT!!! Tumblr tu nak masuk kena ada account kahh ... Nie betoi nak support nie tau!!! Yang website satu lagi untuk apa pulak ... Anggap lah saya ngok ngek sekali dan ajaq apa perlu saya buat untuk support cik Alia ?

    1. hahaha tak payah ada account! You don't need an account to visit both! You can read and be anonymous if you want! That's still supporting cause they still count you as a view! But if you wanna support me, just create a dummy account (you're still anonymous if you create using your email). The more views, shares and likes I get for my stuff, the higher chance I get to be recognize by the community!

    2. Ok thanks !!! Ill go and visit later :)


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