Wednesday, March 16, 2011

As I grow up..this is what I've learned.

Not trying to insult anyone, but even a pious man can be so selfish.

All we want to do is just to move to an ALL MALAYS neighborhood for a fresh start. We don't want to make enemies, and YOU being a ketua kampung and all, should be the one that welcomes new settlers, not invoke shit.

I mean what did my family ever do to you?? We don't stir shit up, so why should you??

Kenapa perlu sampai naik court?? Couldn't you at least have the decency to tell us if we did anything wrong?? My parents spent their whole life savings for this house, rumah tua diorg, and because of your jealousy, they have to fork out MORE untuk settlekan isu ni.

You are an elder, you are a respectable person in this community, then why can't you ACT like one??

You are the most selfish, the most hypocritical human being ever!! What, you think we didn't notice you ILLEGALLY tilted the STREET LIGHTS to they'll be pointing at YOUR house?? And you think that's not a crime? I may not be well versed in our laws, but I'm pretty sure that falls under the category of DAMAGING PUBLIC PROPERTIES.


When I was small, I had so much respect of older people, especially when they are so pious and religious. I always thought the higher they are in a community, the more integrity they have.

But over the years, I have witnessed so many betrayals it kills me inside. I am on the verge of losing my respect to humanity.

I wonder how your children or grandchildren will feel if they find out that their (grand)father is not someone whom they think he is. All the respect, hope and admiration....gone.

They look up to you, as their (grand)father/husband.
And we would have done the same, as a community leader.

But you blew it.


  1. sabar je dengan orang yang macam day, they will regret it.

  2. sabar alia. tua doesn't mean he's wiser. and if he acts like shit, obviously he doesn't deserve any respect from anyone.

    respect begets respect :)

  3. men is always a men. Huuuu. Be patient kay ^____^

  4. agreed wif theblabber.tua doesnt mean he's wiser. org tua ni payah nk tegur.if ko suh dia ckp elok2 pun nnt dia kata korg yg tak repsek dia. apatah lagi dgn status ketua kampung dia tuh kan. apalah masalah jaki sgt dgn org.gila.

  5. nari gendut-gendut babe


    btw,nak rasa rumah die kne simbah cat merah u mail me k

    im with u,but every story have more than one side,so need to hear from his side jgak


  6. dont jugde a book by its cover..
    aku dh lama terkena dgn makhluk2 yg alim.. bertudung labuh nmpk bijik mata aje..etc.. yg membuatkan aku hilang respect sepenuhnya pada mereka ni...
    in terms of agama, mungkin diorg bagus la kot.. tp, apa guna kononnya-perfect in agama kalau tak di praktikkan... baik lagi aku yg baru separuh botol ni haa.,..

    well, benda boleh di selesaikan.. if rasa korg tak bersalah, fight for it.. dengki mendengki ni kn mmg typical malay minded walaupun bukan semua..

  7. Form without substance. Buat2 Islamic untuk tutup pekung. What's the point?


  8. kesian alia,

    sabar byk2 yer....manusia mmg mcm2 ragam.....

  9. Khairie Rahman the GreatMarch 18, 2011 at 4:21 AM

    ko gi bako je rumah dia. wahahaha!!

  10. kat belakang umah aku pun ader pakcik perangai kureng n my sister mmg anti giler ngan pakcik tu n family kami selalu kutuk mereka ...tapi lately ni pakcik tu sakit plak kami sgt kesian ngan pakcik tu n kami dh tak kutuk dia...adakah kah komen aku releven ngan artikel ni?? ting tong

  11. dah ramai saya jupe cam tu....crita pasal agama tapi tak amalkan...just cerita nak tunjuk dia bagus sgt....ujian dari Allah untuk kita trus bersabar....

  12. penulisan mmg sgt merbahaya.. mampu menjatuhkan sesape saje.. so kite yg sedar ni kene la berhati2 bile menulis.. sbb org lain akan bace n menilai..

    hai.. thanks sbb hari2 dtg blog aku.. hehe.. :)


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