Thursday, January 27, 2011

Alia needs your help again! oklah, ONLY IF you want to help..

 //UPDATE: OMAIGODDDDD! This blog finally reached its first milestone!! Captain of the Universe has finally reached the minimum quota for a FB page!!! THANK YOU GUYS!!! SO MUCH!!! 

Eh, now I owe several comics for you guys huh? udang sebalik batu ke?! Hahaha...saikosis, tetiba nak emo..

So I've talked about creating a FB page for my blog a couple of weeks ago kan...

Guess what..I FINALLY DID IT!!!


Part of me feels like it's sooo useless cause I don't really know WHAT to do with it..LOL..but another part of me feels good cause I'm finally keeping up with the world's trend!


I mean IT IS something that people do nowadays....right?

Eh whateva lah. LOLOL

So anyway, after one hour of figuring shit out (LOL) I finally made a like box and finally figured out how to change my username!

But in order for me to create a username for my blog, I NEED to have a certain credibility first!!

Like THIS!!:


I need to have at least 25 fans to get a fricking username?!?!

Oklah...well, here I am pleading for your mercy cause you guys are awesome like that! LOL!
I mean just take a look at my current, so sad meh!! Only 5 INCLUDING MYSELF!! HAHAHAHA

Yes I am THAT desperate to LIKED my own blog!!! HAHAHAH!!

Well I need 20 more...thanks guys! 
(well, the more the better lah..but I'd really appreciate it IF I can at least 25...)


  1. lolololol

    i'm no 20

    ask ur fren la alia

  2. wheet wheet i'm one of them :)
    haha dania suke blog kk alia ^^

  3. where's the like page?? I cant see! I cant see!!

  4. i am;-)
    like it!!..^_^


Thanks! Here's a cookie. :)