Wednesday, June 30, 2010

It's too hot...

Even my drawing is melting!!

It's so fricking hot here @ the office because ada disruption kat chiller plant. 

It's only 9am but I'm already annoyed as ever.

Kepala aku gatal, tangan aku pon gatal nak lempang orang.

So sesiapa cakap "eleh, neraka lagi panas beb" atau yang sewaktu dengannya sah sah memang akan kena pelempang sakti bertubi tubi.

Yes, Alia si Naga Berapi sudah kembali.

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Thursday, June 17, 2010

I know this one lady @ my office....

I mean REALLY? I know lah you like to talk and talk and talk nonstop but SOME PEOPLE hate it when you are trying to converse with them when they're in the fricking toilet.


I told Don about this and he said I should have let a big fart. Mana la tau kot kot dia terkejut beruk then terus keluar kan...


The possible case is that SHE WOULD STILL be standing there by the sink god know what the hell she's doing then what?? After that big atomic bomb of course lah aku yg malu kan!


Yes I am whining because she TOTALLY KILLED MY BERAK MOOD. And my stomach is still grumbling and hurling like a fucking tornado but I just can't berak.