Saturday, January 17, 2009

Israel is bad, but so is the Hamas!

It saddens me when I see a lot of people only seem to care and sympathize for the Palestinians but it has never occurred when the Hamas attacked Israeli. It seems to me that when Muslim civilians are been attacked, it's such a big news, but when non-Muslims been attacked and killed by Islamic suicide bombers, "oh they had it coming".

Let me start with the statement that I do believe that the people of Palestine have a right to live in peace and dignity and enjoy full freedom in their own land. They have been barricaded and they do deserve our support in achieving their goals. But the act of violence against the innocent civilians of Israel has tarnished their credibility beyond repair.

I can see people have recruited to raise the voice of the suffering the Palestinians in Gaza. However they do not say, not even one word about Hamas and their contribution to the situation of the people in Gaza. Things are not black and white. Instead of adopting a constructive path, they have adopted a self-destructive course to ensure that their long-term objective will be better served by keeping the Intifada alive.

PLO, Fatah, Hamas, and Hezbollah (Lebanon based) etc are now an integral part of the Palestinian political landscape. Through the use of Islam as a tool, they have been able to convert the relatively secular people of Palestine into a vicious bloodthirsty society.

Not one single country has come out denouncing the violence perpetrated by the misled youth of Palestine, blowing them up just to kill some innocent people. What is it that makes the Muslims of the world to look the other way, and justify the barbarism as a legitimate act of freedom fight? Just because a Muslim freedom fighter kills a non Muslim, that makes it alright?

I am aware of the fact that Israel has displayed arrogance in dealing with the Palestinians, and has also ruthlessly suppressed some of the legitimate demands of the people there. Freedom loving people of the world have from time to time voiced their disapproval against Israeli brutality. Unfortunately, a sustained move against the so-called "Israeli atrocities" never materialized because of the equal or more acts of violence and brutality against the Jews, by the Palestinians and other Arabs. How do you expect to end violence with another violent act?

The only way for the Palestinians to get their freedom is through the path of peace and negotiation. They will have to denounce violence and will have to learn to be civil and accommodating. The sooner they learn that they will never succeed in ethnically cleansing Israel of the Jews, the better off they will be.

As difficult as it is to watch the dead kids and suffered civilians please do not forget to look at the whole picture.

Do we have to KILL the Jews just to stop the KILLINGS? Since when taking another person's life denotes as a justification for sympathy? So it makes it alright because you are just killing another infidel? Stop being such a lopsided hypocritical bastard. Both of them are human.

Look, I know both sides made huge mistakes. Kids on both sides are paying for the impotents of their leaders to solve the conflict.

But I STRONGLY BELIEVE that all of us must create a new life, even if it means to let go to some of our dreams. Both of us can have new dreams. This is the only way to stop the hate and violence in this area. Let go of brutality and the violence, stop tainting the minds of young children that violence is the only solution.

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