Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Current politics

With all these commotions going on with the Jews and the rest of the world, I'm soooo fricking lucky that my boyfriend isn't a Jew. Har har. No I'm serious. You know lah how diverse America is, it's a melting pot of all cultures and races, and Jewish being one of them. They actually take about 2.5% of the US population. I don't mind nice old Jews couple, but not those who support Zionism and actually think war is the solution. Well actually I don't support anyone who resorts to war as the answer to everything.

But anyway, can you imagine Don being a Jew? I guess he'll be Don Friedman Stein.


Anyway, what's all these about McDonalds and Starbucks donating their 100% profits to support the Israelis war? I've tried to find evidence that these 2 giant corporations declaring it and Starbucks have released a reply to the rumors of them supporting Israel.

This is what they said on their official website:

Rumors that Starbucks Coffee Company and its management support Israel are unequivocally false.

Starbucks is a publicly traded company with stores in 49 countries. Though our thousands of partners (employees) and business associates around the globe have diverse views and share many beliefs about a wide range of topics, our primary focus remains to deliver the best customer experience possible. Starbucks is a non-political organization and does not support political causes. Further, the political preferences of a Starbucks partner at any level have absolutely no bearing on Starbucks company policies.
I mean Starbucks is a publicly owned company and ALTHOUGH the chairman is an Zionist and he most likely does support Israel (morally and financially), but I'm sure the last thing he's gonna do is donate money to an entity which is being reviled by nearly everyone out there.

And as for McDonalds, they are franchises, so what an owner of a particular branch in Israel might think, it does not represent the company's corporate policy. McDonalds in Israel is a franchise and licensee of the name, and is NOT owned by McDonalds Corporation. And as a franchise, each country can decide what fundraising projects they want to work on.

This is what I gathered from here:

Tara Handy, senior manager of Corporate Media Relations for McDonald’s, said, in a statement to AlAraiya.net, that "the messages about McDonald's giving its revenues to Israel until next Saturday do not originate from, and are not affiliated with, McDonald's. This is completely false and appears to be nothing more than a rumor or hoax.”

Furthermore, I think it's just a propaganda to boycott both U.S food chains.

But it's best for you to stay away from McDonalds and Starbucks anyway, they're not good for your health. :) And that's my only argument on why I'm avoiding them, I don't based on some hoax (though they might have the chance of being true).

If any of you are thinking of boycotting American goods, try to live without your electrical bulbs because it was made by an American, try to live without medicine because most of their medical products and research are done in America, don't use computers because the OS alone is made in America, don't wear jeans, jeans originated from America, don't use any kind of phones, because the technology was founded in America. Do I really have to keep going?

Anyway, we cannot live without western products. Boycotting their products is not the answer to the Gaza atrocities.

p/s: Do you think Frankenstein could be a Jew as well? kah kah kah.

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