Thursday, January 29, 2009

Factual Numbers

Since I don't have any sensible topic (sejak bila aku punya blog topics sensible?) to write, meh lah aku tulis about myself walaupon dah sepuloh juta kali I've mentioned it.

*nari golek golek*

Fact 1
I dislike my job. Even though they have transfered me to another project, I still don't like it. But not until the point where I loathe it lah. Basically, I hate having to wake up every morning and I hate carving a fake smile to people even though I feel like spitting on them. Eh main ludah ludah pulak aku.

I'm still longing for that one day, where I don't have to wake up early and jump into a cold shower, where I don't have to drive myself to work to meet with people that I don't really like, where I don't have to strain my eyes in front of the computer to seek for information, where I don't have to call and deal with stubborn strangers, where I don't have to listen to office politics, red tape and..

(10 min break - had to call hotels for a quotation request)

See, I told you I hate working.

Funny is that I've never called any hotels requesting for a price quotation before. I had to message Shad to guide me through it. Har har har. Yer la, selalunya I had my kuli batak to do it for me, but since the project transfer, I AM the kuli batak.

Fact 2
I've been trying to lose weight for years and this year, I'm REALLY committing to it. Yes yes, mari gelak beramai-ramai. Anyway, selepas korang gelak, meh aku nak bagitau that I've been dragging my fat ass to jog every weekday after work and I've been limiting myself to eat only 1 serving (selalunya this mak gajah would eat 2 servings at least). And I've managed to skip dinner or have an early dinner (so that my digestive system can rest while I'm sleeping) and only have an instant packet of oatmeal for lunch (during work time).

Bagus kan? I'm so proud of myself. Hahaha.

I'm really hoping I could continue this regime because I really really really want to make a good impression for Donnie's parents. Tak lah diorg mengomel kat Don "wowzer u gf is fatness".

Hahahaha, lawak bernas.

And plus, I really really really want to buy that dress yang hanya mempunyai size L. Macam fucker tau Malaysia ni, baju semua cenonet, even my left tittay cannot fit. And the only section of the department store that can fit me, is the PLUS section, which doesn't have a lot of varieties. Baju macam opera cina, sleeves menggelebeh gelebeh, jalur jalur corak melintang, I mean wtf, I'm not fashionista diva, but kalau nak buat baju for PLUS SIZED people, why in the world would you design something like these?!

The reason why WE PLUS SIZED people would want to buy a nice outfit is 1) to have something that actually falls nicely on our bodies and 2) to have an outfit that actually makes us LOOKS FUCKING SLIMMER, not something that defines this pregnant gajah even more!!

Okay okay chill Alia. Chill.

Fact 3
I'm a shy person. I don't like to mingle around and make myself available for a chit chatty session. Despite my "friendliness" and though I like to associate with new people, I'm actually a very homely person. I'd prefer staying in my own comfort zone and be alone. But it's a different case when Don's around lah kan, obviously he's my favorite person and I need him to talk to.

Probably that's why lah he's always the big punchbag for my anger frustration. hahaha. No matter lah, I'm much comfortable being around him than being surrounded by tons of people.

Fact 4
I'm a very messy person, but I cannot stand being in a mess. Weird right? Take my room for example, it's a love hate relationship between tidy and tongkang pecah. One moment it's all tidied up, but the next moment, you can't even find my bed (ni exaggerate lah). I'd feel suffocated whenever there are too much stuff lying on the floor (like when Don was here, he left everything on floor!) but I'm too lazy to put things the way they were after I'm done with them. har har har.

I wish my room would clean itself up.

Haha, ni case malas campur mengada-ngada.

But surprisingly, my work desk is always clean. Probably secretly I'd want people to think I'm a very clean person sebab my whole family thinks I'm the girl who doesn't know how to clean up.

Boleh lah, kat rumah I'm Messy Ally, kat office, I'm Tidy Ally.

Fact 5
I'm ambidextrous.

..In the making. har har har. But seriously, when I'm tired of using my left hand, I'll use my right. That's a sign for ambidextrous kan? I can equally use both of my hands capabilities though I'd get slightly tired if I've been using my right too much.

But I play badminton with both hands. And I throw stuff with my right hand. But I need to use my left when I'm carrying heavy stuff.

Gila cool kan.

But it'd be much cooler if I can use my feet like the monkeys.

Fact 5
I'm very particular about toilets, public especially. I'm lucky to experienced different country's punya toilets and semua aku tak suka.

Most of the western countries, toilet tak der pipe, but they'd provide you with loads of paper towels (toilet tissue lah). Ada yang stand alone toilet where you have to coin in 40 cents baru pintu terbukak.

Most Asian countries pulak, toilet mesti tak der flush and toilet bowl mesti protruding from the group (toilet cangkung ya, they don't have sitting toilet). It's so weird of having you to straddle the bowl up off the ground. What happens if you slip and ends up sitting on your own shit/or someone else's? Geli tau. And to add to the horror, they don't provide you with flush!! They usually have direct pipes, but what's the use if there's no flush!?!? Most of the time you've got no choice but to use a hell of water to flush.

I HATE going to public toilets here in Malaysia because OMG THE SMELL. Semua toilets in other countries smell too, but not as bad as ours. I guess we've been eating too much petai and jering kot.

Bau membunuh.

Though I kinda like hotel's washrooms, but most of them terikut ikut style omputehs; pipe air tak der. I mean kalau ye pon nak cater for these mat sallehs, you're still in Malaysia, letak lah pipe, senang aku nak basuh berak. Ni nak basuk berak pon kena masuk bathtub, then geli lah aku nak berendam dalam bathtub.

The only toilets that I'm comfortable with are of course, the ones in my house, my aunts and rumah rumah orang kaya. Hahah gediks.

Okay lah, dah boring nak type. Will continue later.


  1. OMIGOD :D :D :D aku gelak gila baca pasal public toilet tu. Orang kat office ni mesti ingat aku dah tak betul sebab gelak sorang2 depan PC.

    tapi memang, public toilets in Malaysia smells horrible. Haiyoh.

  2. sama la..memanjang nak makan xnak kalah..haha..

    aku xde la aku pun suka comfort zone..aku x berapa suka keluar..aku suke dok ngadap pc je kat aku dikelilingi org yg asyik nak ikut aje la yek..

    aku jugak benci public aku ni buntuit x berajar ok..pergi mana2..mesti nak singgah toilet..tensiii je..


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