Thursday, April 27, 2017


Ok aku macam tak de update yang munasabah ataupun yang berbaloi korang nak baca. Tapi jari jemari halus mulus ai ni gatal nak update blog. Rasa ala-ala productive sikit la, walaupun entry ke laut. Tapi pedulikkkkk la kan. Nasib korang la kekadang dapat entry sampah mcm ni. (eh hari hari pun entry sampah)

Short update:
Mak walrus ni has been diagnosed as pre-diabetic.

Yaassss. I am so unhealthy that I had to have the lab results hit me on the face.

I'm not diabetic yet, so tak perlu nak cucuk insulin bagai (I think that's a different type of diabetes or something? Ntah, gua tak arif lagi pasal medical ni). But I'm getting there if I don't change my lifestyle.

My doctor refused to put me on pills sebab she said I'm still young to be depending on pills. She also said "GET THAT BUTT MOVING GIRLLLL" (yes, my doctor is hip and awesome. She's also young). So I'm trying to constantly move during the day.

Nak terus terus jump onto the exercise routine lapanblas jam sehari tu memang tak la. That's too high of a goal. Tak realistic. So instead of signing up for unrealistic goals like that, I plan to actively move throughout the day. I will try to get on the treadmill for at least 20minutes and have my daily goal of 8000 steps.

I will increase once I'm more acquainted with the activities.

My health coach (yes y'all. Ahkak ada health coach. uols. She's a dedicated health coach at my workplace, so you can book her time slot), she gave me a fitbit to try. I told her I don't want to splurge on something that I don't know if I'd like it. So now I have this fitbit on my wrist. Macam best pulak tengok the number of steps tu. Aku ni memang jenis competitive, so if I see my coworkers with a lot of steps, I will try to beat their numbers. My health coach cakap, this could work then!

So we shall see berapa lama aku tahan.

Tengok tengok besok malam I will stuff my face with a cheesecake.

Eh, tetiba kempunan cheesecake.

HAHAHAHA baru sat tadi cakap pasal healthy activities bagaiiiiiii, tapi dah dasar pelahapppppp

Ok bai.


  1. you can do it Alia. It is all on your mind and you know you have a strong one! Caiyok2.

  2. Go Alya Go! Drink more water, air manis manis semua avoid ok! Good luck!

  3. Ending comelll. Hahaha kempunan gak nak makan cheesecakeeeeeee

  4. goodluck and set ur goal... you can do it

  5. Assalamualaikum, suddenly I remembered you out of the blue. I also am active in Tumblr since a year ago kot, it's like no one in my circle blogs anymore. But I still blog with blogger though I have wordpress too now. But I'm all over the place now, checking to see where I feel like I belong to the most.


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