Tuesday, March 3, 2015


Hari ni we found out that SIL & BILs little puppy had died.

When Don told me the news, macam tak percaya, sebab she was super active.

I never had any real pets that I really cared about before (sebab I'm too lazy untuk clean after them haha)
I've had some cats, but cats are just super lazy, not interactive, and not loyal.

Throughout all of my life, we only had 2 cats. Itu pun sebab my brother yg beriya-iya nak jaga.

First cat was named Tommy, an orange tabby.
My bro found him as a newborn kitten and begged my parents to keep him.
Tommy was named after Tommy from Power Rangers because my brother was into them when he was a kid.
He fed him, bathed him, cleaned him.
Uish, My brother was only 6 kot masa tu?
Bagus betul adik aku ni. Kakak dia je yg pemalas hahaha

Anyway, Tommy was ganas nak mati. Suka cakar.
Bila kitaorg duduk kat couch, dia suka cakar kaki.
I hated that cat.
One day he wandered around and got lost, and so that was it.

Bye bye Tommy.

Hati gembira sebab now I can sit on the fricking couch without having to worry about my feet being scratched.

A couple of months later (or maybe years kot? Ntah lupa)
We found another cat.
Actually, our then-maid yg jumpa.
He was a black tabby.
He had a super soft fur.
We've decided to keep him (after we begged our parents of course)

I was in high school this time.
So I was a bit more responsible lah.

We named him Blackie (huh, creativenya nama HAHA)
Blackie was very manja. Every morning when I was waiting for my school bus (bas sekolah sampai rumah pukul 6am -- gila tak?!?) Blackie was there to accompanying me.
He loved to lick my face, though I hated it sebab cats tongues are very....sharp?? But I just let him do that.

A couple of months later, he disappeared too.

I was sad, but not too sad, sebab dunno lah, I never really bonded with him.
Plus, kucing ni very....laid back. I dunno how to say lah, but very boring lah.

Macam bela ikan dalam aquarium.
Nothing interesting

Maybe your cats lain, but mine certainly were not "best friend" material.

But maybe kalau any of our cats die, maybe I'll feel differently.

And then I came here.
Yadda yadda yadda, to cut the story short, SIL found an abandoned puppy.
It was during one of those cold nights.
So dia tak sampai hati nak biarkan puppy tu kesejukkan keseorangan outside of their house.
She welcomed her in.

It was only about 2-3 months ago kot?

That puppy was super active!!

Bila kitaorg datang je, she was super excited and wagging her tail and all.
Obedient too.

That's one thing about dogs, they are very obedient.
All you have to do is train them.

She already knew "sit" "lay down" and "shake"

Overall, dia nampak healthy.

until a couple of days ago. They said dia muntah and didn't want to eat.

She died today.
In their bathroom.

Sedih tau.

Walaupun aku kadang kadang annoyed jugak dgn puppy tu sebab she wouldn't sit still, asyik nak suruh orang pet dia, tapi hearing this news really made me sad.

She was a companion.
Macam kawan/anak.

No wonder la ppl always say "dog is a man's best friend"
Because dah mcm another part of your family member.

Anyone who has a dog can relate.

Anyway, at least she had a nice warm place where she was loved and taken care of, albeit short.

Rest well little Pandora. 


  1. if islam cakap dog tu tak haram (dalam certain condition yang tak leceh macam wet boleh sentuh dengan dry etc u got what i mean?)
    aku definitely nak dog as a pet. sebab dog is loyal. sorry for your loss alia.

    1. dlm islam anjing tak haram, najis je. Tapi tu ler, leceh nak samak bagai.

      I'd love to have a pet dog too, especially kat sini sebab mmg jadi guard dog, tapi, aduhhhhh malassssnyaaaa

      Eh bukan my dog pun Pandora ni, but thank you! hahaha

    2. haaaaaaa najis! sesuka nak mengharamkan dog. hahahahaha.

  2. aku suka dog lebih dari kucing, maybe sebab dia loyal and obedient. Aku tengok video dogs yang excited tuan balik dari military service pun boleh nangis2 hahahahaha saikosis

    cats? bajet diva sgt,nyampah kadang2 tahu! tapi takde la sampai aku nak pijak ke sebab benci ehehheh

  3. Citra ain, xde la diva mana pun kucing, klau tuan nya beli makanan mahal maka mahal la segala nya, semua tu pilihan, tak payah la asyik saikosis saikosis, over

  4. Hahahha sorry , sy cuma bergurau kelakar la saikosis saikosis jgn marah tau citra ain , dgn nada gurau je, sorry ok

  5. i am so not a pet person. because i only like animals that i can eat. i never like cats, no offense cat lovers, you have your preference, i have mine. i don't really like dogs too, sebab diorang suka jelir2 keluar airlioq. geli. hahaha. tapi kat negara sejuk ok la kot. dia x jelir2.

    but anyway, sorry for the loss.

    1. Sapa ckp kat negara sejuk diorg tak jelir jelir lidah? Got laaaaa
      They don't have sweat glands, so they jelir instead. But even cuaca sejuk, they'll still lick stuff!

      MIL's dogs are so friendly, they'd sniff you then would try to lick you. If you tell them to stop, they will wag their tails asking to be petted.


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