Monday, March 2, 2015

Depressing Monday

Hari ni received another letter from USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services) saying that my case doesn't need to be interviewed, but ada delay 6 months.

Depressing sangat.

:( :( :( :(

I mean they said "potentially interview waiver".
But right now it seems that I DON'T MIND having to be interviewed!!!

Kalau kena interview, sure. leceh sebab nak kena jawab soalan bagai, nak tunjuk evidence bagai, tapi at least tak de la sampai dragging berbulan-bulan!!

I've read that some people who received the same letter said their cases have been on halt for a year or so!

But ada jugak yg after they received the letter, they received their green card in the mail a couple of weeks later!

Aku tak paham!

Nampaknya either way boleh. It's either you get lucky and receive your green card earlier than that 6 months period, or you'll have to wait to get your stupid green card.

It seems that this letter is their "safety net" kalau ada case yg delay lama.

In the meantime, nasib baik this delay only applies to the green card itself (permanent residence card btw in case you didn't know) and doesn't apply to my work permit and my Advanced Parole (which allows me to go out from the country without a visa)

Tapi still.....:(


I know that most of you won't understand apa aku merepek ni.
But just understand this:

Aku sangat depressed!!


Did you know that I've been doing this stupid green card thingy sejak 2012?

Gila kau, 2 tahun tak settle settle lagi.
And now coming onto 3 years!!

I've spent most of my time, energy and money on this thing.

I don't think I've talked about my visa process here in my own blog..
Maybe sebab selalunya it's a dread topic (for me) to talk about

The process is very tedious.
Banyak paperwork (duh)

I remember masa nak dapat visa untuk masuk US, I had to go for an interview kat US Embassy in KL, and banyak pulak kena tanya.

How did I meet Don
When did I meet Don
How many siblings does Don have
Have you met his parents
Have he met yours

yadda yadda yadda

Berpeluh tetek gua!

Before pergi interview tu, ada medical test.
Cucuk sana cucuk sini.

Dah dapat visa, masuk US, kena pergi medical test lagi!
Cucuk sekali lagi.
Nasib baik free (sebab medical here is super expensive if you don't have an insurance)

Ni, since I received this love letter, takkan nak kena buat medical lagi?!?!

Bangang bin bangang.

Jangan cakap la.
Nak file sekeping kertas application je dah $400
Biometrics $85
Medical $100
Nak tukar my status from an "alien" to permanent resident $1010

Ni tak termasuk harga utk remeh temeh lagi

Also, all in USD. Mana aci Ringgit Malaysia.

Makin lama duit dalam bank makin depleted.

Paling anti bila orang asyik tanya "bila nak balik malaysia"

or "tak rindu Malaysia keeee"

or "balik la Malaysiaa"

Like dudeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Kau nak sponsor tiket ke???

Apa kau ingat sebab aku duduk oversea, automatically jadi kaya raya sapu bontot guna duit?

Aku rasa miskin sekarang (chewah, bajet kenkonon masa kat Malaysia kaya ler tu)

Tapi nasib baik delay ni tak efek permit kerja uols. Kalau tak, maunya aku meraung depan mailbox tu. Hahahaa

So I can work WHILE waiting for my green card.


Payahnya pindah Amerikah.

Aku tengok member member aku yg pindah Europe and Australia, mcm simple je process. Tak de pun redtapes bagai.

I mean sure lah mesti tedious jugak process, sebab all migrations mmg leceh, tapi tak de pon isu delay ke apa!


Haih. Ok la.
Malas nak fikir panjang panjang.

Lagi aku fikir, lagi panjang aku type.
Bukannya boleh expedite the process pun.

Ok bai.

Nak pergi nangis syahdu on Don's shoulders.

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