Monday, October 20, 2014

"Commissioned" art

Hai guys

Not gonna be long, because my stomach is unsettled.
Tadi berebut toilet dengan laki.

Tengah syiok syiok berak, dia asyik la ketuk pintu.
Terus tak smooth process pembuangan.


Sat lagi nak ketuk pintu toilet, sebab aktiviti terbantut!

Jijik betul kau ni Alia.

On another non-disgusting note, I've received a few requests from people to make/draw them something, tapi I always decline, sebab rasa tak competent.

I mean I have no prior experience in illustration.
Aku background IT engineering. Last amik art masa Form 3. Ha ha ha.
So I have NO IDEA how things work in the creative department.
Takut hasil kerja tak menepati criteria/citarasa.

Kalau korang tanya pasal network performance utilization, aku tau ler...
(eh, jgn tanya, sebab dah lupa. HAHAHA)

Anyway, I draw pun sebab I enjoy doing it. I don't know whether I can afford to make it as a career.

I mean don't get me wrong, I WOULD LOVE to draw you something, but I guess I'm just scared of rejection.


Saiko. Macam mana nak maju kalau tak boleh terima kritikan

Anyway, my sister just opened a new small online business, and since I can't do anything physically cause I'm half way across the world from her, I figured I could draw her something!

She needed a logo for her FB page, so I made her this:

As well as her cover photo:

I'm no expert in Photoshop, so I drew everything on my iPad LOL

Rasa-rasanya boleh masuk portfolio tak?

Anyway, please do support her page ok! Dia jual childrens goods.
She will have more products once she has established a market!

If you could be so kind, you can just click "LIKE"!
I've also linked her page on my sidebar there!

Thank you so mucho yaaaa!

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