Tuesday, September 18, 2012

To my aunt,

the one who went through a lot,
and yet still managed to find a reason to smile,
the one with an upbeat attitude, fun and sometimes acts like us young people, haha
the one yang selalu belanja makan and token pergi jalan jalan,
the one yang selalu refuses to let us belanja you in return......
though we know that you could use that money for something else....
.........like traveling to Vietnam again!

Ayah and her Captain (matiler makcik tak ingat nama kapten tu leerr)

p/s: Tapi lawak because as we were lepak-ing at the lobby, this one aunty came up to us and asked to take a picture of her with my uncle and kept on chanting "this is my lucky day!" "Haiyooohh, I'm so lucky!!" ..........I REALLY wonder, who does she think Ayah is?? PM kaaa aunty???? LOL

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