Monday, June 13, 2011

Matiler loading berabad, I couldn't even bother to resize the pictures LOL

Since I'm too lazy to draw (pemalas sebenarnya haha), Imma post pictures of alllllllll the things that happened last week!

It's like a week's pictorial timeline!! Only this time, it's epic! Cause it's made by me..LOLOLOL

Ok, fine, I'll lempang myself.

So I'll start off on Wednesday (cause I don't remember what happened on Monday and Tuesday LOL).

I bought my first compact camera EVA! It's no ordinary camera too, it's the super incredibly owhsom Canon S95! I wanted to buy a cheap cheap camera at first, but then my friend Mur suggested this tiny little money sucker, and I was amazed at the results of this beauty!

And I thought I was owhsom that I can produce beautiful pictures in a blink of an eye! But I was wrong, I suck at it.

No wait, I incredibly SUCK at it. LOLOL

I asked him to ajar how to use (the basics je la), and STILL SUCK at it. Tak de skill langsung LOL. So that proves it, I'm not meant to be behind the camera, I should be ON the camera hahahahahaha

Ok lempangan sakti satu.

Anyhow, this is my FIRST EVA picture, taken by this little beauty!

Nice or not???

Obviously it wasn't me who took the picture.LOL. 

Though I'm pretty sure the REAL FIRST EVA picture was a picture of Mur, tapi he deleted it.


After I finally managed to twist and turn the camera without hassle, it was time for me to meet up with the girlssss for a night out!

It was the movies, sushi, and gossips! 

Fehatun Rafeah

Shadidaton Halimah

Thank you Shad and Feha for the vonderrrrful (sila pronounce mcm orang German haha!) time. We should do this often! Lets say, every week? haha, high demand betol.

Over the weekend, I had a vonderrrrful time with the fams! We had our impromptu dinner kat gerai kelate and manaaaalah aku tau malam tu ada FA Cup Kelantan vs Terengganu. Agak gerun jugak lah makan kat situ cause everybody was cheering/yelling/whatever. 

We couldn't care less about the game. Eh, oklah, aku sokong Terengganu cause someone WhatsApp-ed me asking me to sapottt his state. LOL
We however, cared so much over the vonderrrful food.

Pictures taken with the new lil beauty and with NO FLASH on, and it was pitch dark! 

Owhsemmm or nottt????

On Sunday, one of my friends got married and the 5 of us all cramped in into a car because we are all lazy walruses. LOLOL

Except for Badari because he's owhsem and drove for the day. Hahaaaaa

See, I told you he's owhsem!

While the boys figuring out directions, Shad and I were too busy p-p-ppossssinggg for the cam.

This is one of my favorite pictures! Ala-ala pro la ye bang? Hahahaha

And Mur taking (and teaching, tapi tak paham paham hahaha!) pictures of us. 

lol, gambar curik from his website. LOL

Once we reached there (finally!), we were greeted by this cutesyyy littleeeeee munchhhkinnnnnnnnn i lapp u boyyyyy hahah, tetiba, saikosis betul.

Anak kawan kitaorg. 
Demm, semua orang dah beranak pinak, kita bila lagi!?

Haha, tetiba emo.

Anyhoww, I guess no one can resist how much of a cutesyyy littttllleeee munccchhhhkkin he is....


I just HAD to post this! I think it's cute+funny+haaahaaahaaaaa! Sorry sori ke? Hahahaha!

FRIENDSSSS FOR EVAAAAAAA. Hahaha tetiba excited bagai, saiko betul aku ni. Anyhow, congratulations Hafiz!

Later that evening, I was invited (more like forced to HAHAH) by Athirah Nor (omg Ath! we forgot to camwhore in the car!!!) to accompanying her for a BBQ session near the lake god knows where (eh tipu je, lake ni dekat dgn rumah aku je, har har) 

Haaahaaa sorry Shy, gambar you tak macho laa. And I've decided not to upload gambar buntuittt Fazly yang flex itu, nanti gf dia bakar rumah I..hahah motip nak bakar rumah??

I haven't met these peeps for god knows how long..10 years maybe??
Wahaha..sori, aku ni anti social sikit, I don't keep in touch with my high school buddies. LOL

Sapa rasa diri dia owhhhseeemmm, cuba teka ni kat mana!!


Ok tu je dah bai.



  1. yes!i'm first:P
    lama da u tak draw:((
    btw,nice pictures.alia, berapa price camera canon u tu?

  2. itu kat tepi tasik...


    ehm entri kali ni banyak sangat HAHAHAHAHAHAHA la..


  3. HAHAHAHA, apa ni ally, x de gambar muka aku yg elok lagi ke?!! Every week, x cukup wooo budget, every month boleh la, haha

  4. why lah nama ada -ton -ton kat belakang? HAHAHAHAHH.

    yea shud do this every month. but we have to wait for fehaaaaaa sebab dia yg off day tak sama dgn org lain hehehe.

    it was awesome girls. and yes your s95 is awesome to ally ;)

  5. Gambar beta di mana gambar beta lololol! Takpe takpe this weekend 'kay!

  6. ehhh Shy???
    omg. haven't hear about her for quite a while. i think i've lost her fb. does she have a blog?

  7. alia..nak tanya...gambar u mkn2 dgn family over the weekend..yg pakai bj merah n pegang lilin tu siapa ekk? looks familiar..mcm my fren dekat UM...panggil kak mek jaa..

  8. waaahhh...hobi baru nampaknya..teruskan...teruskan...awesome!

  9. aliaaaaaaaaa, gorjes nya hang! haha tapi pic kat pelamin tu, serius ah,nampak muka ko je sebab baju ko sama kaler dengan pelamin ah haha okbai


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