Wednesday, November 3, 2010

My friend is trying to secure a modeling contract and she needs your help!

Since I'm lacking in the updating department (HAHAHA VERY LAZY YOU KNOWWW) plus, got no time mehhh.

I've been so fricking busy lately I have no time to even berak. I'm always on the run! Tapi tak kurus kurus.


Anyhow, speaking about kurus, I'm helping a friend here, and she's my high school friend, one of the longest and closest friends I've ever had! We've had up and downs but we remain friends til now!

I know I know, we're so awesome.

Anyhow, she's currently in the running of becoming BizzyBody's Ambassador search!! I know right!! How cool is that!!

BizzyBody amatlah mahal. I kenot afford for even half a session. LOL

Back to her...she lost 11KGs in total!!! I can't even get rid 0.5kg.....T_T

Yes, I purposely made it huge cause I have always been kinda skeptical about losing weight through Beauty Parlor (Hahaha what do you call those agencies ahh??), I mean sure there are ads about people lost so much weight that you see on billboard la kan, but stillll, for all you know they could be lying motherfuckers!

But not when it happened to the people that YOU KNOW!!
THEN you know it's true cause your family/friend won't bullshit to your face!!

Anyhow, the reason why I'm writing this is not to boast about how cool BizzyBody is, they don't pay me to do that LOLOLOL, I AM HERE, pleading for YOUR help!

Yes pipol! 

I need your help in helping my friend!
I mean even if you don't like me, then you should just bypass and forget about me! SHE NEEDS YOUR HELP in voting for her!!

 Gorgeous isn't she???

You just need to "LIKE" her picture in Facebook!! THAT'S IT! 

It only takes 2 minutes (OR LESS!) of your time!!

You're doing her a huge favor by voting for her! I know she deserves your vote for all of the effort that she put! It's not easy to lose a lot of weight you know....


p/s: Would you vote for me too IF I lost weight and entered a contest as well??
p/ss: No? YOU SUCK!


Ok emo sensorang. Whatevaaa.


  1. memandangkan aku tak nak like bizzy body kat fesbuk aku, aku vote sms je utk kawan ko. Sebab ko ossum! Rajin2 la update ye alia.. kau la penghibur hati ku

  2. aku penah g wat trial bizzy body nie babe. dia cakap nk kurangkan at least 5 kg kena RM3K ++. erkkkkkk

  3. cikgu nari gendut gendut.. wahlau weii 11kg? u better start doing the same so that you can donate your old clothes to Pulau Merawi or whatever they called it. Kesian depa nok, baju semua dah berdebu, tinggal nak panggil Salem jek nyanyi.

    And no, i will not vote for u sebab siapa nak bayar balik duit aku lepas kau menang? i need that money for my holiday taking cheap horrible flight. Sucker!

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Thanks! Here's a cookie. :)