Monday, November 2, 2009

My not so short Amsterdam visit

I am in fricking Amsterdam.

For 12 fricking hours.

And I just paid a 27 dollars worth of 24 hours Internet pass.

They screwed my flight schedule, so instead of going to Seoul, I'm in space cakes and free sex land. How cool is that.

It wouldn't be so bad if I don't have to wait here for 12 hours.

I've requested for a flight change, food voucher, free accomodation, but these Europeans said they don't have the authority and the next flight to Malaysia is tonight.

My US currency worth half of the Euros here.

Screw you Europeans. Haha.

Well Don said the best thing to do now is to enjoy it. Hey Im in Amsterdam. Amsterdam!!!!!

I've NEVER thought of coming here, and this is def not how I was gonna plan if I ever wanted to come here. Oh well, at least I'm in fricking Amsterdam.

Are you? (ayat penenang hati)


  1. Enjoy urself there....cocaine free! hehe

  2. How to enjoy when every sec I think of him? It's so lonely here... We both made a promise, this is going to be our last separation. I'm going back there next year for good, inshallah.

  3. dude, be strong! i know its hurt you so much to be separated but believe me time will come and you two can be together again! aitte alia!

  4. aww..back for good?that so sweet.ask him to propose u already la:)

  5. Babe! I AM! When is your flight? Did you go to the city center? It's just a 15 mins train away...

    Awh, if only you stay longer, we could meet up! Heck, you can even stay at my place!!!

  6. Haha, it's better than terperuk dekat office buat kerja :(
    Anyway, jgn sedih2, i'm sure u'll be flying there again soon.
    Hey, kalau ko free this thursday let me know. aku maybe nak pi sunway pyramid kot, bleh jumpa :p

  7. going back there for good? WOW, that's a good news! in the meantime, hang in there, k? ;*

  8. Thanks kawan kawan. I know, I know, lambat betul nak reply si Alia ni, perasan superstar habis lah. Haha.

    But walaupon dah about 2 weeks kat rumah, I'm still going strong! Grrowl! Mana taknya...I have my computer on 24/7 and his cam 24/7...hahaha...gedik takkk


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