Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Aktress Jelita

So here it begins, the story of Alia, the girl who tries to cope up with her life after spending about two years as a humble servant to her ex-consulting company.

She resigned as a kuli batak.

And she accepted another impromptu kuli batak position...at home.

Well at least this "brilliant" job doesn't require me to get up early in the morning (actually, I have to, for breakfast preparation, tapi...hahahahahahaha, pandai-pandai lah my family cari makanan sendirik yaa).

I don't have to terkejar-kejar menelepon client untuk follow-up (though I have to call my brother and bapak when it's time to eat, but if they refuse to participate, no hal punyaaa).

I don't have to bersembam muka because I have to wake up early just to go for a meeting and only to be told that the meeting has been postponed to a later time (macam celaka bos tak kasi tau beforehand).

I don't have to put on my best suit and beramah mesra with the clients (kat rumah boleh pakai baju koyak, seluar busuk tak basuh seminggu).


But, the downside is that, I have to mengemas, memasak dan membasuh.

Mengemas, memasak dan membasuh. Mengemas, memasak dan membasuh.

You're asking THIS lazy woman. Who are you kidding? Have you been inside my room? Oh oops, sorry, you haven't and you won't. Unless if you're Don, and you're not Don are youuuuuuu?!!!

Eh apasal tetiba emo ni.

Anyway, speaking of Don, I haven't packed anything yet. I'm gonna travel light, nak bawak baju sekeping and undies sepasang je lah. Haaa. I dunno whether I should bring my coat or not considering dah spring/summer. But his place kan kampung omputeh, and there are mountains..so mesti malam-malam sejuk kot? I guess I'll just bring one coat je lah (chey, cakap macam aku ada berjenis-jenis coats)


I think I'm gonna watch Band of Brothers lah today. Ok so I've been watching it for countless times sampai dah hafal script. No seriously, hafal betul. I can quote lines from the movie, but I can't remember sifir without calculator. Haha. Yer lah, buat apa nak hafal, the technology is there, guna je laaa kan kan kan. But when it comes to discounted items, automatically aku boleh calculate dlm otak. Agak kagum lah jugak.

Anywayy, did I tell you that I adore war movies?

Brecourt Manor

Tengok tu, leadership quality memancar-mancar.

Richard D. Winters (the real one lah)

But his character is (well) played by Damien Lewis (British actor), yang before this aku tak pernah kenal

Damie Leweeyyy

I've watched the "out takes" and the documentary at the end of the film, Damien is a bit..dull. And slightly arrogant, agaknya because he had the role of a leader (memandai je aku nak comment kan). But Nixon (played by Ron Livingston) yang aku tengok kelakar and spontaneous. So I like funny men, sooo?

Damien Lewis and Ron Livingston

But despite of my kegedikkan melampau on reviewing the characters, I know I'm living in a real world and my real world is definitely not in Hollywood, so of course, I have to be real laa kann..


Har har har. Who says I can't dream while being real? (oxymoron)

Eh segak kacak lah pulak.


  1. What is it about men in uniform eh? :)

  2. Segak bergaya!

    But if you see a man in a Malaysian police uniform...would you terpikat?


  3. Hmm... interesting question. But then I stereotype Malaysian policemen as kinda corrupt, dirty old men. Not all of them are, of course... but... still.

    My favourite uniform is US Navy dress whites. So clean! So bright! Takes a tidy man to keep his dress whites crisp! :)



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