Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Don Miller

If I were given a choice, today would be my day off. And so is tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, and the day after that..and after that..okay lah, I'd take the whole year off lah. Hahaha

But I had no choice.

I've been enrolled into a new project and I'm fully responsible for the arrangement of the workshop. Al-maklumlah, kuli batak. The site visit (more like a state visit!) yesterday sucked out the energy in me. Penat gilos!

My weariness pulled my mood down today and I went to work like an undead minion (ni kes banyak sangat main game WoW lah ni). Nothing seemed interesting to me. Nothing attracted me.

Until this..

12th December 1984

I stared at this for such a long time. That was when my sayang was born! I can see his tiny feet and his tiny fingers!! What a beautiful baby who evolved into a handsome man, wow!

Haaa haaa haaa.

Ok ok second picture..

The Millers (minus his 2 brothers)

Aww, what a beautiful family. From left to right: That's him, his mom (edited: That's his aunt!) , his sister and his dad.


Wait a sec..why was he wearing a spaghetti strap top...



Next picture...

Anna and Don Miller

I beg to differ, that's Anna and Dawn Miller.

Har har har har harrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrhahahaha

Fourth picture!

Don Miller

He was sooo handsome..err...pretty..err..cute. Hahaha!

Alamak, sayang, don't marah lah, I love you you know..but seriously, what's up with the long hair? I guess the mullet has grown huh?


Front lawn

Now, that's the Don that I know! The blond mullet, the pose, the shoes..

OMG. The shoes. That's soooo 80's/90's!!!


Day care

I'm having a tough time figuring out which one's Don. It could either be the kid in the while shirt (with mullet, duh) or the kid in red with black shorts.

Sampai juling mata aku tengok.

But I'm guess it's the red shirt.

Right? Right? Right?...kan?

Alamak, matiler kena bamboo dengan Don sebab tak kenal mana satu.

(edited: YES! I was right! He's the kid in the red shirt!)


Smurf house

He still has the pose whenever he gets his pictures taken. Old habit dies hard huh? Haha

Look at the jeans man..so...rugged. Was this your Metallica era? (edited: Montly Crue era!)

His blondness has gone throughout the years. Now he's stuck with shit-colored hair. Har harhar!


Grandpa and Donnie

I'm not sure whether that was grandpa Petty or grandpa Miller. I'm guessing it was Petty...kot. (Edited: That's non-biological Grandpa Dennis Price)

You know I've been spending the last 30 mins trying to figure out who your grandpa reminds me of....you know who he reminds me of???

MY OWN GRANDPA!! Apak's dad.

Or probably old people look the same.

Last picture...


I purposely put this picture last because it's a perfect picture with a perfect ending (of this entry). He looks sooo adorable despite the bruise above his left eyebrow. (Edited: That's Donnie with his cousin, Bud Jr. or now known as Crow son of Hawk)

He still carries that adorable smile that could cure my bad days.

I love you sayang!

And say thanks to your mother for uploading these pictures!

Oh nvm, I'll tell her myself! Hehe!

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