Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Box of crayons.

During a one fine evening, a man and a woman cuddling up with each other, enjoying the moment.

"Sayang, if you were a box of crayons, what color do you think you'd be?", she metaphorically asks her loved one.

"Why do women always ask stupid shit like this..", he replies in such annoyance.

"Just answer it. This type of stupid shit satiates me", her tone is bland, but her curiosity devours everything.

"Okay, I'll be a white crayon"

"...I mean what else would I be, I'm white, so I'm the white crayon, you're the brown crayon", continues the man, sniggers while trying to finish his sentence.

She laughs along with him.

"Realistically, there would only be 4 colors in this world, white, black, brown and yellow. There won't be any purple, or red or green or some shit like that. And if you combine all that together, we would be shit-colored. That's what the world is, it's full of shit", he responds in a vivid tone.


This true story might have been fabricated slightly to emphasize on the end point.


  1. true..
    mcm yg terjadi kat cbox aku sekarang..
    x pasal aku pun merasa diri aku full of shit jugak..benci ok..

  2. Eh apasal kau pulak yang rasa, patotnya readers kau yang perlu sedarkan diri. Nak kutuk kau dlm blog kau where it is YOUR place to rant.

    Diorg yang datang sebok sebok mau bising bising.

    Aku benci orang macam tu.

    Ala beb, kau buat tak pedulik je, jangan lah mintak maap, it's your point of view, your prerogative. Masing masing ada hak sendiri.


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