Friday, November 13, 2015

Alia Talks Business about Edra Energy and TNB

.....or tries to.


Have you ever heard me talking in business lingo?! Nope? Neither do I! Hahaha

But I was browsing the Internet today and stumbled onto this news about 1MDB.

Yadda yadda yadda, yeah we all know the controversial issues on that, but what REALLY caught my attention was the possibility that our PM may waive the cap that prevents foreigners from owning 100% of 1MBD's Edra Energy assets! (means foreign investors can definitely WINS the bid by providing extra $$$ - which also means TNB is outbid!)

That's not fair lah, because foreign contenders may have an edge over this state-controlled TNB due to the current foreign exchange rates.

I don't know about you, but to me it looks like it's a desperation move to cover 1MBD debts! Sell it to the highest bidder regardless of their national interest! (or lack thereof).

Some of you might say, "so what if a foreign company has total control over the power equities in 1MBD, that doesn't affect me none"  *read this in a very southern accent as possible*

"doesn't affect me"

Yeah ok.
Foreign companies usually don't give a shit about your mom's and pop's business or whether or not you'll have the power to switch your lights on tomorrow! Have fun with that!

Well for me, I certainly don't want foreigners to control our energy sectors.

Secondly, wasn't there like some sort of a rule that if any foreign bidder that's going for FULL ownership should have been rejected from the beginning?? (this is a serious question - is there??)

And thirdly, desperate times call for desperate measures. Or maybe I should put this eloquently: a desperate MAN will do anything to cover his tracks.


Okay okay, I know by now you guys are like "wtf is Alia talking about, I'm not here to read about economics, I want to read about life gossips and pictures of Alia's boots"

hahahahah don't worry, I only have 1 last thing before this Business Alia signs off, an informant (who wishes to remain anonymous) who works for TNB informed me that TNB has gone to the full length of trying to secure this bid, they've released and internal circulation asking for the WHOLE EMPLOYEES to pray (according to their own beliefs) so that they can get the best out of this bid.

Now that sounds a lot like a last resort, don't you think?!

I mean helloo Mr. PM, Mr. 1MBD, just give the equities to TNB lahh. Actually, now that I've thought about it, ALL OF MALAYSIANS are in the same rhythm!

We all know TNB has local interests and not about to cop out if anything goes wrong! Also, I've read somewhere that by having Edra under TNB, it will definitely helps TNB's power generation capacity to 70%!

So what say you?

If the business-savvy in you in interested to know more about this, you can read here on 15 WELL RESEARCHED reasons Edra Energy should be awarded to TNB!


  1. Rasanya Encik PM don't give a damn langsung kot asalkan dia dapat pulangan maksima.
    Duduk di Malaysia, tak ada satu pun berita TV nak cover pandangan macam ni.
    Media dari net pun sebenarnya lebih bersifat anti, semuanya diburukkan berlipat ganda.
    So Malaysian yang kudus macam aku ni sebenarnya tak tahu nak cari ceruk mana nak dapat info yang tulus.

    Aku rasa sekali sekala kau borak pasal hal macam ni pun apa salahnya...Hehehe

  2. Betul tu alia. Private companies tak heran nak charge gazillion bills kat kita. Yes kerajaan boleh pantau but until when? Tengok je tol/highway concessions, KTM, etc. Astro x pyh ckp la. Ni concession nk habis baru terhegeh2 buat marketing bagai. Takut lah tu if govt free market kan cable tv.

    Energy is a real national issue. Aku tak phm cmne a
    company under MOF boleh kene jual to a foreign entity.


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