Monday, December 27, 2010

COMIC: Being Malaysian.

Being Malaysian 1

Anyhow, I don't believe "boycotting" would make any difference hence I've never agreed to follow the trend. Just my 2cents.

I know currently there's no circulating news asking us to boycott, but this issue will definitely raise again. And we're going to be in the same cycle again.

And again.
and again.

Even *IF* we get the whole country to support this ridiculous-good-for-nothing movement, not only some of us will lose jobs but do you really think a country of mere 28mil can bring down those big-chained companies?

The only thing that's going to hurt is our economy.

Then we'll be back being cavemen and shit.
Yeah that's what you're aiming for right.


  1. Inasmuch the fact that mere boycotting will probably not make that much of a dent, seriously, people losing jobs? as easy as it was for them to get 'careers' at fastfood joints, i think it's that simple to get a job at say, mydin or kamdar, right? losing job is a moot point. point is, doing something, as little as what we perceive as little, to make a difference.

    alone, we are one drop. together, we are an ocean. cewah! :P

  2. there's no cavemen really exist,even during jahiliyah they have their jobs

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  4. totally agreed with you alia..if we were really boycotting all these..why dont they just boycot the usage of phones..and what ever gadgets they have..they are not from malaysia are they?the ideas were from those jewish and whites.. ;)

    first of all..stop being on FB you people!

  5. Hye alia..thanks for your comment in my blog..and glad you have been through that successfully! I pray to have a happy ending as well =)


    Have followed your blog! Like your cartoons =) Keep writing & drawing!

  6. U know what Alia?
    Aku pun x minat nk boycot2..
    Why? Coz aku x nk menutup periuk nasi org..
    Yg bekerja dgn produk yg kite nk boycot tu malaysian n yg pasti kebanyakkn malay..
    Memboikot bermakna menutup periuk nasi mereka
    Biar la aku menyokong dgn care lain..

  7. somehow this one relates to what i'm trying to say in my latest entry about 'this product boycotting movement'. it won't make much different

  8. alia, i love u regardless b'coz u prefer to b true.

    but here's food for thought:

    boycott move make not able to stop killings & war & the rest of it but pause a moment and think like a businessman "what if this small group of boycott grew and effects the economies of scale?? oh no, i'll be damned!!"

    the boycott move is to encourage the biz proprietors to consider their financial support in funding any inhumane acts. hopeful they get some good insights & stop the funding & we shall all b able to enjoy those yummy burgers & sodas without prejudice. yeay!!

    i love u alia dear... jgn marah or lempang i okeh!

  9. to: tush

    majority tech companies/providers do not support the inhumane acts b'coz they know the serious damage it could do to their company.

    pls do understand that many boycott moves are all about humanity & humility, x related to any specific religion or race.

    go do some research & u'll learn more fascinating facts.


  10. Anon,

    Post lamanyaaaaa u komen! Hahah

    I hear you! And I agree, but that's just the positive thinking of what we can get from this movement.

    I'm a realist, and I think humans are just, well humans. We get excited over something, then dah bosan/doesn't fit you already/menyusahkan you, you campak tepi.

    I also know there are ppl like me hence boycott movement ni tak pernah menjadi. Hahahah


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